Kaare Kyle Andrews launches RENATO JONES Luxury Justice ad campaign

by Jeff

682935_320 Kaare Kyle Andrews launches RENATO JONES Luxury Justice ad campaignMedia Release — International superstar graphic novelist, film director, and humanitarian-to-the-elite Kaare Kyle Andrews announces his new ad campaign for RENATO JONES: THE ONE%—the first comic book series to target the super rich.

Kaare (rhymes with Ferrari) Andrews is responsible for writing and drawing some of the most controversial moments in superhero comics, including that one time Spider-Man killed Mary Jane in Spider-Man: REIGN and the latest run on Iron Fist: THE LIVING WEAPON, soon to be a Netflix series. His newest project will be his first creator-owned work and will be published by Image Comics on May 4th.

“I always wanted to find a way to celebrate luxury and with Renato Jones I can finally give it to those that need it most,” said Andrews.

Andrews promises to continue releasing new ads daily as the world counts down to Image Expo on April 6th.

He adds: “If there’s one thing that the Mossack Fonseco document leak has shown us, it’s that the super rich have a lot of money hidden away all over the world. I’d just like to help by offering this persecuted class a luxury product to spend it all on.”

RENATO JONES: THE ONE % #1 (Diamond Code MAR160509) will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, May 4th. The final order cutoff deadline for comic book retailers is Monday, April 11th.

RENATO JONES Luxury Justice ad campaign

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