Justice League Dark for the Win

by Norman Robinson III

738427_22d1d6c9f929a2e23221827eb5781f20c06289ed-195x300 Justice League Dark for the WinThe Justice League Dark has been resurrected by the media wizard himself, J.J. Abrams. The latest hype has Bad Robot up to “all kinds of good,” and the rumor is that Warner Brothers has a deal with J.J. Abrams to produce Justice League Dark. Apparently, this will be an exclusive arrangement. They don’t just want a movie they want him to take on a slate of TV shows as well, possibly the movie will be about the JLD group and the individual TV shows about the background of JLD characters.

Justice League Dark is a fairly new series created in 2011 by DC Comics. It brings together the disparate supernatural parts of the DC Comics Universe. Apparently, the creation of JLD comes after the regular Justice League is soundly defeated by the Enchantress. Madame Xanadu creates a supernatural based team, the Justice League Dark, to counter Enchantress’s mystic might. She brings together a group of supernatural heavy hitters with Deadman, John Constantine, Madame Xanadu, Shade, and Zatanna to form the ultimate mystical Justice League: Justice League Dark. The concept is an intriguing, purely supernatural superhero team. They don’t fight Lex Luthor, instead, they protect the Earth from myriad supernatural threats. This series was created by Peter Millian (writer) and Mikel Janin (artist) with some cool covers by Ryan Sook. Will the Justice League Dark summon supernatural speculation dollars?




693912_d3e2a599297b90f97fb8451e544d6d3f69fbcde7-194x300 Justice League Dark for the WinJustice League Dark #1

J.J. Abrams has apparently, signed with WB and will be making the next Justice League Dark movie. This is awesome news and is probably the reason why the Swamp Thing series was recently killed off. Obviously, Warner Brothers envision a platform for several movies and multiple spin-off TV series. After all, there are at least 17 characters associated with the JLD not the least of which is Swamp Thing. Many of these horror characters have huge fan followings. After all, the comic book series Justice League Dark lasted for five years. Five years in the comic world is a solid run that is respectable and obviously garnered a huge fan following.

I know many folks dislike Abrams but I think that is short sited. He has rebooted most of the major franchises, Star Wars, Star Trek, even helped the Mission Impossible franchise. Now he might not have made the movie many fans wanted but all his movies are entertaining and larger than life. Don’t hate on him because the last two Star Wars movies crapped out. After all, he only had complete control of the first Star Wars: The Force Awakens which I enjoyed. Like him or hate him he is here to make some new movies for Warner Bros. He can rely on the deep bench of DC Comics horror to field an impressive team. Let’s give him a chance, after all, he could do wonders for the DC side of the house which really needs some big wins before Marvel Studios gobbles everything up. There is some great material for the supernatural in DC Comics. My only lament is that Bernie Wrightson won’t be there to illustrate some of it. Can the “Abrams Effect” rain dollars on the “just and unjust alike” among comic book speculators?



12-15-205x300 Justice League Dark for the WinLong-Term

  • Grade 9.8 $139 last sale 6-25-19 returned negative -8.2%
  • Grade 9.6 $71 last sale 10-30-19 returned positive +7.4%
  • Grade 9.4 $70 last sale 8-20-19 returned positive +6%


The returns for Justice League Dark #1 are positively bleak and break even. Though inconclusive to date it should be noted there have been zero sales in 2020. Essentially, this blog is hot off the digital presses and has not sunk in with the majority of the speculation crowd yet. That doesn’t mean this is a bad investment, far from it. The width and breadth of this Abrams move are staggering from a speculative standpoint. Every DC Comics supernatural being is in play with this bit of media news.

J.J. Abrams now the “Lord of the JLD” will create an entire ecosystem for Warner Brothers movies and TV shows. One that could far outlast its previous efforts with Man of Steel. Furthermore, Warner Bros. could appeal to a mature fanbase with horror-based superheroes. Now is the time for supernatural speculators to astrally project and sweep the globe looking for all things horror in DC Comics. If that is too big to swallow, then how about just picking up a few copies of little old Justice League Dark #1? Perhaps Abrams still has some magic left to bring about the success of the JLD franchise and more importantly all the related DC horror comics.


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