Just One of Those Kangs: Five Time-Traveling Kang Variants

by Matt Tuck

072121B-1-300x157 Just One of Those Kangs: Five Time-Traveling Kang VariantsKang is coming to the MCU, but which version will we see? Here are five possibilities for Kang variants. You should think about watching out for their first appearances.

Sure, everyone is clamoring for the first appearance of Kang the Conqueror in Avengers #8. Why wouldn’t they? Besides being confirmed for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Kang’s likeness was portrayed in a statue inside the TVA after Sylvie murdered He Who Remains. Remember, HWR stated in the final episode that there would be an infinite number of his variants coming from across the Multiverse. That means that MCU fans will meet more than just Kang the Conqueror, which opens the gate for these five Kang variants straight from the comics.


Avengers-10-200x300 Just One of Those Kangs: Five Time-Traveling Kang VariantsFIRST APPEARANCE: AVENGERS #10

In a sense, we already met Immortus in the Loki season finale. While Jonathan Majors’ character called himself He Who Remains, he was clearly inspired by Immortus. In the comics, Immortus is a Kang variant who ascended to nearly god status as the Master of Time, “pruning” the branches to protect the timeline from catastrophe. Instead of the Citadel, he lived in Castle Limbo at the edge of time and space, monitoring the events from afar.

Loki’s He Who Remains even dressed like Immortus, so there’s no denying HWR was inspired by the Kang variant. While it may seem that his time in the MCU came to an end, we could very well meet another variant who goes by the name Immortus.

I may not be alone in this thought. The two most recent sales of this book appear telling. On 6/13/21, a CGC graded 8.5 sold on eBay for $1000. That’s well-above the current FMV of $675. An 8.0 with a current FMV of $525 sold for $800 on eBay on 6/03/21. Looks like people are taking notice.


Fantastic-Four-19-198x300-1 Just One of Those Kangs: Five Time-Traveling Kang VariantsFIRST APPEARANCE: FANTASTIC FOUR #19

The first time readers were introduced to Kang, he went by Nathaniel Richards and was posing as a pharaoh in Ancient Egypt. Rama-Tut reeks of Silver Age cheese, and that would make him perfect for the tongue-in-cheek silliness of Quantumania.

While I wouldn’t expect this version of Kang to appear for very long, it would make for comedy gold for Ant-Man to travel through time and verbally spar with Rama-Tut.

If you DO find a buying opportunity, consider it. Currently, FF #19s have an FMV of $9,250 for a graded 9.6 and $6,750 for a 9.4.


Scarlet-Centurion-258x300 Just One of Those Kangs: Five Time-Traveling Kang VariantsFIRST APPEARANCE: AVENGERS ANNUAL #2

He Who Remains warned that his variants were far more evil than him, and that could be hinting toward the Scarlet Centurion entering the MCU.

Also known as the Red Menace and the Lord of the Seven Suns, the Centurion fits the bill as a conqueror from the Multiverse that would be a challenge even for The Avengers. 

The most recent sale of this book was for only $79.99 for a graded 2.5 (6/2/21, eBay). The most frequently sold books land in the 6.5 – 8.5 range.

Iron-Lad-art-265x300 Just One of Those Kangs: Five Time-Traveling Kang Variants



Although nothing official has been said, it appears Marvel Studios is intent on building a live-action Young Avengers. One of the founding members of the team happened to be a teenage Kang variant, Iron Lad.

For a change of pace, this version of the time-traveling warlord was not trying to conquer the world. Once the evil Kang is fully introduced to the MCU, it would make for an interesting dynamic to have Iron Lad wrestle with the guilt of knowing he could become the futuristic dictator.

It would appear that interest in this book has kicked up, with sales numbers steady, and increasing in some grades.  However, it is still an affordable key with a lot of room to grow.

FF-15-volume-4-197x300 Just One of Those Kangs: Five Time-Traveling Kang VariantsDOOM THE ANNIHILATING CONQUEROR


Fans have been wondering how Marvel Studios could incorporate Doctor Doom into the MCU. Since he has already been featured in three movies, it would seem that Marvel would want to try something different with the character to set its version of Doom apart from the Fox-verse. Enter: Doom the Annihilating Conqueror. 

Granted this is a long shot, but it could work. In this alternate reality, Doctor Doom, Kang, and Annihilus combined into one supreme villain. Marvel could change the story a bit, possibly making Doom a Kang variant, and have their very own Doctor Doom who stands apart from the versions seen in the Fantastic Four movies.

Currently, there are no graded copies in the CGC census, nor recorded sales data.


The season finale of Loki has laid the foundation for endless possibilities when it comes to Kang variants. With all of his variants, Marvel Studios can do basically anything with the character, which fits perfectly within the Multiverse that is quickly becoming the center of the MCU. It adds up to Kang (in one form or another) moving to the top of Marvel’s list of villains.

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