Jughead #186 REVIEW

by Jeff

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Jughead #186/23 pgs. & $2.25 from Archie Comics/pencils: Rex Lindsey, words: Craig Boldman/ sold in lots of places and at www.archiecomics.com.

I never imagined that the last comic book I’d ever review would be Jughead, but it somehow seems appropriate. After all, old Juggie never grew up, and neither have I.

Jug is a lazy, hungry, directionless, geeky little kid in a teenaged body. In this issue, only pizza can get that body out of bed during a snow-day break from school, he goes to the beach during the winter to get away from crowds, and loses out on a prize because of his aversion to cold.

Jug is also incurably likable. This juxtaposition of poor human qualities with human virtue is what makes all of the Archie cast believable because there is something of Jug in each of us. As is true with all of the Archie titles, stories are simple and whimsical, and dialog is believable. Each story is well-drawn, visually easy to follow, and focused on simple, clean lines and backgrounds.

Michael Vance

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