Judge Dredd

by Matt Tuck

Judge-Dredd-art Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd is on his way back to live-action, which should have you keeping an eye on his key issues.


After years of rumors and speculation of a sequel to 2012’s Dredd, it seems we are finally going to get our next incarnation of Judge Dredd. The word on the internet is that a script for Judge Dredd: Mega City One is completed, but production is on hold due to the pandemic. Dredd star Karl Urban has gone so far to say that he would return as the anti-hero if he gets the opportunity

This sounds promising, and it appears a new Dredd series is coming…eventually. Then again, fans of the 2012 film have been hearing this for years. Although Dredd was not a large box office success, it has generated a cult following that has begged for a sequel for eight years now. Until filming officially commences, it is hard to get too excited about the news. Even so, it has piqued interest in the character, and that could impact Dredd’s early issues.


2000-AD-2-228x300 Judge Dredd2000 A.D. #2

For you hardcore Dredd collectors, the first Judge Dredd artwork appeared in an advertisement in 1977’s 2000 A.D. #1. However, his first official appearance in an actual story was in the following issue, appearing as a comic strip. At this time, he was an independent UK creation and had yet to make his way to North America, which is what helps make this the hardest key to find. 

It is so rare that I could not find sales data in the GoCollect database or anywhere else online. Not even CGC has it listed in its census. When I searched the eBay listings, the handful of sales for 2000 A.D. #2 have sold in the $350-$400 range for mid-grade copies. That would put a high grade in the $1k range.

Judge-Dredd-1-192x300 Judge DreddJUDGE DREDD #1

In the 1980s, Dredd had gained enough popularity to cross the Atlantic Ocean. He made his American debut in Judge Dredd #1 in 1983, and it is an affordable investment. Even for a 9.8, the 90-day average is just above the $200 mark. If you are willing to sacrifice the grade slightly, then the 9.6 will cost you less than $100. This is not a difficult issue to find, and it comes in at a budget-friendly price, so put this on your wish list.




2000-AD-149-246x300 Judge Dredd2000 A.D. #149

If there is going to be a Dredd streaming series, I hope they bring Judge Death to life. The most popular of the Judge’s adversaries, a live-action onslaught from the Dark Judges would be amazing if done correctly. 

Death made his debut in 2000 A.D. #149, and like the other 2000 A.D. issues, it is hard to find in a higher grade. A mid or low-grade copy should not cost you much more than $50 judging by the eBay sold listings, but there are plenty of active listings for anywhere from $100 to the $300 range. 


Judge Dredd is a viable commodity even if his appeal is not as broad as a Marvel or DC property. A well-executed series could ignite a rebirth for the franchise on screen and in the comics, which would make his key issues skyrocket. 

FOOTER_Comic3-scaled Judge Dredd

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MacAnorak November 3, 2020 - 4:04 pm

The very first Dredd artwork to see publication appeared in a series of adverts that featured in several of publisher IPC’s other juvenile comics titles a full week before the launch of their new venture, 2000 AD.
The image in question depicting Dredd bursting forth from the page astride his mighty Lawmaster motorbike was drawn by co-creator, artist Carlos Ezquerra, and had originally been created for the first episode ever drawn and intended as the character’s debut but subsequently unused.
The powerful panel was recycled to instead become the opening image of Dredd added to page one of the replacement inaugural episode in 2000 AD Programme 2.


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