Jim Starlin’s ‘BREED Comes to Image in May

by Jeff

mar110507 Jim Starlin's 'BREED Comes to Image in MayMedia Release — The legendary Jim Starlin is set to conclude his groundbreaking series, ‘BREED, and he’s doing it at Image. ‘BREED III begins the story’s charge to its climactic and pulse-pounding finish, while ‘BREED: BOOK OF GENESIS trade paperback collects the first chapter of Starlin’s long-out of print epic. Both will be released on May 11.

Although he has contributed to various titles of multiple genres, Starlin is best known as the master of the cosmic comics, thanks to his work on Captain Marvel, Warlock, Silver Surfer and The Infinity Gauntlet triology. He was also an early proponent of creator-owned comics with his long-running Dreadstar series.

“This, I believe, was the best work I ever did,” stated Jim Starlin on the upcoming ‘BREED: BOOK OF GENESIS collection. “I rank the ‘BREED series even over my Thanos and Dreadstar series. It’s, quite simply, my favorite creation.”

mar110545 Jim Starlin's 'BREED Comes to Image in MayThe original ‘BREED was a six-issue miniseries published by the short-lived Bravura Comics imprint during 1994. It was quickly followed by ‘BREED II, and now in ‘BREED III #1, the series’ titular protagonist, Ray Stoner, has to face the fact that he can no longer hide from what he is: a monster. He returns to the mystical city Elsewhere and discovers much has changed. He unwillingly finds himself to be part of a struggle with much higher stakes than he feels ready for.

“This is a series I’ve been waiting more than 10 years to finish off,” Starlin explained. “Be warned, after a good fight at the beginning I sneak in some story, but it’s okay – the last three issues are one continuous epic battle. By the way, nearly everything you think you know about ‘Breed is incorrect, whether you read the original two series or not.”

‘BREED III #1, a 32-page full color comic book priced at $2.99 and ‘BREED: BOOK OF GENESIS, VOL. 1, a 176-page full color trade paperback priced at $17.99 will both be in stores on May 11, 2011.

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