Jim Lee Joins THE BOYS

by Jeff

mar094168e Jim Lee Joins THE BOYSSocial Media Release — This May, The Boys hits the big Three-Oh! That’s right, thirty issues of good clean comic book fun and adventure… with a just little bit of blood, guts, fighting, sex, conspiracy, intrigue, cursing, scandal, mystery, espionage and a hamster thrown in for good measure.

From Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, The Boys #30 follows the conclusion of “We Gotta Go Now” (The Boys #23 – #29), the story arc that introduced the world’s most profitable superheroes, the G-Men! What’s next…

In the grim aftermath of “We Gotta Go Now”, everyone takes a much needed pause for breath. Vought-American tidy up the loose ends, Mother’s Milk delivers some bad news, and the Frenchman makes one last appeal for reason- unfortunately, it’s to the Female. Meanwhile, Hughie’s not sure he can go on at all, in light of what he’s witnessed, and Butcher goes to visit Rayner- with anything but romance on his mind…

All under a set of “dynamite” 50/50 covers, one by Robertson and the other a special alternate cover by Jim Lee! Plus, a select group of artists hand picked by Garth Ennis provides a special gallery of Boys pin-ups! Issue #30 is the biggest and best yet!

“The Boys #30 has so much going for it, that we wanted to do it justice by making it one of our most explosive releases of 2009,” exclaimed Dynamite’s Nick Barrucci. “This book has been a blast from the very beginning. Every show we hear from so many fans telling us how much they love the book and how they let all their friends know this is THE book to read. So for issue #30, not only are we making it available with two incredible covers, one by Darick Robertson and one by Jim Lee, but we’ve invited a group of select artists to draw some pin-ups of the Boys. Included in the list of pin-up artists are some of Garth’s closest friends, making this a celebration well-worth the $2.99 cover price.”

Recommended for Mature Readers.

Writer: Garth Ennis
Penciller/Inker: Darick Robertson
Covers: Darick Robertson (50%) AND Jim Lee (50%)
Rating: TEEN+
PRICE: $2.99

Also, coming in May:

Writer: Garth Ennis
Penciller/Inker: John McCrea
Covers: Darick Robertson
Rating: TEEN+
PRICE: $2.99

The first-ever Boys spin-off mini-series features the pairing of Ennis with Hitman artist John McCrea and covers by Boys artist and co-creator Darick Robertson!

An evil so profound it threatens all mankind… the mightiest heroes on the planet uniting to defend us all… a secret crisis of such utter finality that a countdown to civil or infinite war seems unavoidable… but have you ever wondered what really happens during Crossovers? The Seven, Payback, Teenage Kix, Fantastico and every other supe on Earth team up for an annual event like no other… and where the supes go, can a certain “five complications and a dog” be far behind? Vought-American prepare to make their move, in a story that will change the world of the Boys forever: Herogasm #1.

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