Jenette Kahn tells all in BACK ISSUE #57

by Jeff

APR121375 Jenette Kahn tells all in BACK ISSUE #57Media ReleaseBACK ISSUE #57 (84 pages, FULL-COLOR, $8.95) focuses on JENETTE KAHN, former president and publisher of DC Comics, as she tells all in a career-spanning, exclusive interview conducted by ROBERT GREENBERGER, covering all the major DC highlights of the era of the 1970s DC Implosion, the Dark Knight, Watchmen, the Tim Burton/Michael Keaton Batman films, and more. Also: DC’s Dollar Comics and unrealized kids’ line (featuring an aborted Sugar and Spike revival), the Wonder Woman Foundation, and the early days of the Vertigo imprint. This issue explores the talents of ROSS ANDRU, KAREN BERGER, STEVE BISSETTE, JIM ENGEL, GARTH ENNIS, NEIL GAIMAN, SHELLY MAYER, ALAN MOORE, GRANT MORRISON, and more. Edited by MICHAEL EURY.

84-page FULL-COLOR magazine
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