Jackpot movie for the Spider-Verse?

by Mike W

which-spider-man-villain-do-you-crave-for-the-mcu-316606-300x169 Jackpot movie for the Spider-Verse?Sony’s Spider-Man is as popular as it can ever be! The success of the solo movies along with the partnership with Marvel has made millions at the box office. Tom Holland, the current Spider-Man actor, has revitalized the character with a more youthful, energized feeling. He has completed two solo movies, along with multiple appearances in other Marvel-related movies. The third movie is slated for a release date of 2021 or 2022, pending any pandemic delays. The success has spawned other characters related to Spider-Man with spin-off movies, such as Morbius, Black Cat, and others. The latest rumor is a solo movie featuring the character, Jackpot.

No one knows if Spider-Man will continue to partner up with Marvel after their deal ends. Their current deal is to partner up for the third Spider-Man film and include another appearance of the character in a Marvel superhero movie. There is no real confirmation if Sony’s spin-off movies will connect to the MCU, but people speculate. Thus, Sony could move on from Marvel and start their movie universe with leading characters such as Spider-Man and Venom.

carnage-vs-spidey-vs-venom-300x175 Jackpot movie for the Spider-Verse?







Sony has been very active in blending many female characters with Spider-Man in their shared universe. Recently, characters such as Black Cat, Silver Sable, Silk, Madame Web have all been speculated on. There has been no real confirmation on their spin-off movies. Sony really believes in expanding the Spider-Man universe by headlining with a female superhero.

Madame-Web-art-288x300 Jackpot movie for the Spider-Verse?ASM-194-Black-Cat-198x300 Jackpot movie for the Spider-Verse?











The latest rumor is a feature movie involving the character, Jackpot. Otherwise known as Sara Ehret, a geneticist, and mother who received powers by being accidentally exposed to an experimental serum. After being exposed, she falls into a coma and wakes up four months later. She finds out she has powers when the debris is falling down on her family and she holds it up to save them. The debris falling is a result of Spider-Man chasing down a villain.

As a result, Jackpot dedicates her life to being a superhero and saving lives. Her abilities include superhuman strength, invulnerability, and agility. She carries a grappling hook launcher for assistance during her hero escapades.

The comic book market has reacted in a frenzy in the last week or so to this rumor. Her first appearance is in Free Comic Book Day #1 2007. The value of the book has not risen at all despite the rumors. When I mean value, I am referring to the 9.8 graded copies. The surge is the selling of the raw copies for this comic. The books are selling very hot on eBay, as people are trying to make a profit off a free comic book. This comic is currently on the “Hot Top Ten” on the CBSI website. This list recognizes the ten hottest selling comics of the past week.

jackpot-194x300 Jackpot movie for the Spider-Verse?











To summarize, take the rumors with a grain of salt. As Sony has thrown out many rumors of spin-off movies for the Spider-Verse. The list starts with older characters such as Kraven and extending to newer characters such as Nightwatch. Though, the rumor of Jackpot sounds in a way of a female version of Spider-Man. Likewise, Sony does not have a shortage of those characters to use. Either way, you can decide if you believe this latest speculation is something to believe in.

Kraven-art-201x300 Jackpot movie for the Spider-Verse?

edgeofspider-verse2blackerror-198x300 Jackpot movie for the Spider-Verse?

705070_amazing-spider-man-4-198x300 Jackpot movie for the Spider-Verse?


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Alex Lambert May 29, 2020 - 12:06 pm

Free comic book day offerings are nothing new as to being worth money or collectors going crazy. But the real meat of this article should be what I just got off the phone with CGC about. Most comic book stores put a sticker or a inked stamp of their stores address and information in the white box on the cover of each book. Finding “raw, unmarked copies” of FCBD offerings are the real challenge. CGC just told me that books that are sent in with the stamp or the sticker in them would get the “green label”, which in many collectors eyes is a dreaded label they devalues the comic book on the collectors market.

Steven Johnston May 30, 2020 - 4:46 pm

Personally it doesn’t hurt to buy now as the cost is relatively low. Just don’t expect a big return anytime soon. Even if Jackpot shows up in a movie there is a crescendo in the value and interest of the book. Then be wowed by the disappointed after the movie as Sony/Disney doesn’t do anything more with the character and the values wanes. Bbv Most people never heard of Jackpot (Another bad name) and most won’t unless it’s in a movie. Other than the freebie what has she done otherwise? Exactly my point. Great comic collectibles have continued history or some sort of history. Jackpot is Potluck.


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