JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR #57 spotlights Kirby’s “legendary” comics

by Jeff

may111334 JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR #57 spotlights Kirby's "legendary" comicsMedia ReleaseJACK KIRBY COLLECTOR #57 (84 tabloid-size pages, $10.95) focuses on “Legendary Kirby”—spotlighting Jack’s use of the stuff of legend in his work! From angels and devils to Demons and demi-gods, we’ll examine how Kirby put his own spin on classic folklore to immortalize it in the comics realm. There’s TONY ISABELLA on SATAN’S SIX (with Kirby’s unseen layouts for the series), the Biblical inspirations behind DEVIL DINOSAUR, THOR as viewed through the eyes of mythologist JOSEPH CAMPBELL, and how the legendary JFK Conspiracy affected Jack! We’ll also present a complete Golden Age Kirby story, a rare Kirby interview, plus MARK EVANIER and our other regular columnists, pencil art galleries showing uninked pencils from ETERNALS, the DEMON, NEW GODS, THOR, and more! All behind two Kirby covers (Jack’s original ATLAS presentation inked by D. BRUCE BERRY, and a breathtaking fully-painted DEMON back cover by GIORGIO COMOLO)! Edited by John Morrow.

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JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR #57 will be in comic book stores on Wednesday, August 3.

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