J. Michael Straczynski takes over as SUPERMAN writer

by Jeff

may100149 J. Michael Straczynski takes over as SUPERMAN writerMedia Release — Acclaimed writer J. Michael Straczynski begins his highly anticipated run on SUPERMAN with issue #701, on Final Order Cutoff this week!

Featuring art by Eddy Barrows and J.P. Mayer and a cover by John Cassaday, this story picks up after the devastating WAR OF THE SUPERMEN. In this wake of this event, how can Superman possibly continue his battle for Truth, Justice and the American Way? Find out here in “Grounded” part 1 – and get in on the starting line of a modern-classic SUPERMAN story!

This pivotal issue also features a 1:25 “DC 75th Anniversary” variant cover by John Cassaday.

SUPERMAN #701 (MAY100149; Variant edition: MAY100150) is on Final Order Cutoff on June 24 and is scheduled to arrive in stores on July 14.

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