Ivy Press Announces “Capes, Crooks and Cliffhangers”

by Jeff

612Pd3n65zL._SL160_ Ivy Press Announces "Capes, Crooks and Cliffhangers"Media Release — Ivy Press, a division of Heritage Auction Galleries, has announced the publication of Capes, Crooks & Cliffhangers: Heroic Serial Posters of the Golden Age, a new book about the serials of the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s that were based on characters from comic books, pulps, radio, and more, and the classic posters used to promote them to movie going audiences. The posters, featuring such popular characters as Superman, Batman, Flash Gordon, The Green Hornet, Tarzan, and the Lone Ranger, are eagerly sought today and can command prices well into the five figure range.

The standard 300+ page softcover edition, which includes hundreds of full-color illustrations, is available for $39.95. Also available is a deluxe slipcased hardcover edition – strictly limited to 100 copies – which comes with a numbered bookplate that is signed by both authors and by Noel Neill, the original Lois Lane from both the serials and from the 1950s Superman television series, for only $125.

“All of these colorful characters, and many others from the comics, pulps, and radio, made their silver screen debuts as multi-part serials,” said Grey Smith, co-author of the book and Director of Vintage Movie Posters at Heritage, “in which the hero would face certain death at the end of each chapter, urging their fans to return week after week to continue their thrilling adventures.”

The superheroes that are now the subjects of multi-million-dollar blockbuster films – names like Batman, Superman and Captain Marvel – may have gotten their starts in the pages of Golden Age comic books, but these exciting serials, with their emphasis on non-stop action, actually reached an even wider audience, ensuring the popularity of these characters for decades to come.

“Fans of both comics and serials will find a lot to enjoy in this book,” said co-author John Petty, “especially the rare and seldom seen posters from their favorite chapter plays. Included in this volume are images of such great pieces as the scarce Green Hornet full-color advance sheets, and the only known copy of the original release one sheet for Columbia’s 1940 serial, The Shadow, which has never before been photographed. This is the first time that a single book has gathered so much impressive and desirable serial poster material between two covers. Of course, each chapter also has a complete discussion of the characters, their roots in other media, the serials themselves, and the actors, actresses, directors, and stunt men that brought them to life.”

No one who loves these classic characters will want to be without this lavish book. Stan Lee calls it, “… a page turner…a literary and artistic feast,” and Leonard Maltin hails it as “[a] welcome book.”

Fans of today’s blockbuster superhero movies owe it to themselves to see where America’s cinematic obsession with superheroes all began.

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