iVerse Media Releases Comic Book iPod App

by Jeff

Digital Comics from Top Independent Comic Publishers and Creators are coming soon to an iPhone and iPod Touch near you from iVerse Media. The company demoed the final version of their comic software for iPhone and iPod Touch in a video released on YouTube this weekend.

“We’ve kept the same simplicity of our original concept, and only added a few tweaks to help customize the user experience, and make the comics easy to navigate through.” said iVerse Media owner Michael Murphey. Those “tweaks” include adding 2 additional options for how you transition from one comic screen to another, and a slider to easily move from the beginning to the end of a comic without having to flick through screen by screen.

“Now that the app is finished and we have several comics into Apple for approval I’m very excited to say that, assuming all goes well from here on out, we should have at least 10 comics available in November, with almost half of those being available as free downloads. All the others will be $0.99 – it’s the best deal in comics.”

While iVerse is more than happy to show off their application, just exactly who is partnering with the company and what the deal for creators is remains more of a mystery. “We’re keeping a few things close to the chest. We have some great partners, and we’re very proud to be bringing an unmatched level of quality digital comics to the iPhone and iPod Touch. We’ll be launching the first titles in November, and making announcements on all our partnership agreements at Wizard World Texas and online that same weekend.”

“As for the deal we’re offering creators…creators get paid for every comic sold, they make more money than iVerse makes off each sale, and they make more than Apple makes off of each sale. Creators retain 100% of all rights to their creations, and iVerse doesn’t tie up their print rights or anything like that. We’re as creator friendly as it gets. If you want to know more – send us your book…we’ll talk about it, and if you’re not interested in what we have to offer, no hard feelings.”

You can find more news and coverage leading up to the iVerse launch in November at iVerseComics.com.

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