It’s Time for Booster Gold

by Matt Tuck

060722B-1024x536 It's Time for Booster GoldThis year’s Blue Beetle movie could pave the way for a sure-fire fan favorite, Booster Gold, and you can own his key issues for pennies on the dollar.

If there is any character perfect for modern superhero cinema, it is Booster Gold. Hailing from 25th Century Gotham City, Michael Jon Carter was a disgraced college football star who was busted for throwing games. While working as a security guard for the Metropolis Space Museum, he concocts a new scheme: steal equipment to time travel to the past where he could use his knowledge of the future and high-tech gear to become wealthy beyond his wildest dreams. Be honest; how many of us wouldn’t take that opportunity? It makes for a self-serving, narcissistic superhero who’s only in it for fame and fortune. 

With qualities like those, he is ripe for the DCEU, be it on the big screen or on HBO Max. That should have you thinking about these three issues.


Booster-Gold-19861-195x300 It's Time for Booster Gold

The first time DC readers met Booster Gold, he was starring in his own self-titled series in 1986. Of course, the comic didn’t go on to huge success, but it established what could be the diamond in the rough for the DCEU. With Booster’s potential for big-screen glory, this could be a hot prospect, especially with the Blue Beetle movie on the way. Don’t forget that this issue also featured the debuts of Blackguard, who died in The Suicide Squad, and Booster’s trusty android sidekick, Skeets.

Looking for a copy? The graded 9.8 has been averaging over $400 for the past year. On May 29, the most recent sale was for an eye-opening $450. Of course, you don’t have to pay those elevated prices. The 9.6, which is practically the same quality as the 9.8, typically stays in the $150-$200 range. There’s also eBay, where you can find raw copies for about $50.


Legends-6-196x300 It's Time for Booster Gold

One of Booster’s claims to fame was being part of the Justice League International, which first came together in 1987’s Legends #6. Known for being a tongue-in-cheek look at superhero life on a major team, this JL squad had many B-listers in its ranks. Aside from the top-tier Batman, Martian Manhunter, and Doctor Fate, the rest of the lineup was filled by Booster, Blue Beetle Ted Kord, Guy Gardener, Doctor Light, and Mister Miracle. Mainly serving as comedy, the title would introduce villain Maxwell Lord, though the most memorable moment came when Batman knocked out the boorish Guy, and Beetle uttered the famous line, “One punch!”

Although the graded 9.8 has been averaging $87 for the past 90 days, there are much cheaper options. Instead, opt for a raw copy, which tends to sell for less than $5.


Justice-League-3-196x300 It's Time for Booster Gold

Throughout the years, Booster’s character has been largely defined by his friendship with the aforementioned Ted Kord. The two low-level superheroes worked well as a buddy-cop comedy act. That is what makes it a possibility that we will see him in the Blue Beetle movie. Sure, the movie will star a different Beetle, but comic fans will always connect the two characters together. Adding him to the film’s cast would not only make sense but it would be appreciated in today’s market for irreverent superhero humor.

There hasn’t been a graded copy to trade hands online since an 8.5 sold for a measly $16 last year. The better bet is to find a raw comic for no more than $5.


thumb-1920-535513-1024x576 It's Time for Booster Gold

Between Marvel Studios and the DCEU, elevating B-level (and sometimes down to Z-level) characters is what they do best. Audiences have fallen in love with the quirky, offbeat superheroes that are too awkward not to love. Booster Gold fits that bill, and he could be a superstar in the making.

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