It’s high tide this November for THIRD WAVE 99

by Charles LePage

0921SC249-198x300 It's high tide this November for THIRD WAVE 99The surf clothing company THIRD WAVE 99 is returning this November with a new comic series at Scout Comics.

The press release follows:

Media Release — Scout Comics & Entertainment, Inc. proudly announces that the popular 90’s Florida surf clothing company THIRD WAVE 99 has returned. This coming November, Scout is releasing a mini-series exploring the dark history and controversy surrounding the surfing line. Four new clothing designs are NOW AVAILABLE to celebrate the return of this once iconic surf brand!

Established in 1999, Third Wave was a popular upstart FL surf shop/ clothing brand before it disappeared after being purchased by a large corporation.

THIRD WAVE 99 wasn’t your ordinary surf shop/clothing company. It initially started off as a support group that helped troubled individuals, young and old, deal with addiction. The group used surfing as a replacement for negative and self-destructive habits, helping reform many lives in a positive manner. The brand developed a cult like following throughout the state of Florida in the late 90’s. Eventually the line was sold off when one of the owners went missing.

Original THIRD WAVE 99 logo designer, Luis XIII, has agreed to handle the art and coloring chores for the upcoming series. Luis XIII said the following about the company he once worked for:

“I am very excited to be part of this brand once again, over 20 years later. I can’t wait to dive head first into the rich history of Third Wave 99. It’s going to be a fun ride.”

Scout’s President, James Haick III, will be writing the series, and looks back fondly on the Florida based surf company:

“I grew up in Florida in the late 90’s and remember owning a few Third Wave 99 t-shirts back in the day. I had no idea until recently the controversy surrounding it. I’m looking forward to exploring the legend of Third Wave 99.”

For more information on THIRD WAVE 99 and all things Scout Comics, please contact
The popular surf brand was sold after one of the orginal founders went missing.

(W) James Haick Iii (A) Louis XIII

The story behind the controversial late 1990’s Florida surf brand begins here! Third Wave 99 follows surf shop owners Rob Cutler and Jack Reed, along with hotheaded teenager Matt Hurley. This popular surf shop doubles as a support group that helps troubled individuals use surfing as a replacement for other negative and self-destructive habits. Matt’s temper has not only hampered his promising college baseball career, but also acts as a catalyst for events that ultimately cause the brand to disappear entirely. Find out the true story behind the rise and fall of Third Wave here! THIRD WAVE 99 IS BACK!!!!

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