It’s Clobberin’ Time!

by Norman Robinson III

135755_552be256741b1695cee2318e0704b77b4e27c86b-195x300 It’s Clobberin’ Time!

The Thing #1 is the first solo title with loveable Ben Grim (a.k.a.The Thing). The art and script were from John Byrne with art assist from Ron Wilson. The Thing had done team-ups before but never solo as a hero in his own comic. This issue was a $1 bargain bin issue for the last decade, something no one looked twice at. I sure did not value this comic. Now, with a potential for yet another Fantastic Four movie or even a series on the horizon; this book looks more relevant now, and some rise in prices prove it.

The potential for a significant catalyst exists currently in the next three years or more for the Fantastic Four (FF) franchise. Everyone’s favorite brick, The Thing, is definitely the linchpin and character with emotional depth behind the FF. Ultimately, if the Fantastic Four as a franchise has a hit movie deal or series, this book should spike in value.

Disney has recently purchased Fox which owns the rights to Fantastic Four. If Disney decides to turn the FF into a series, it could work with MCU fans. This hope of a series could ignite first appearances on all the Fantastic Four franchise, including and especially The Thing. We have seen big muscle guys showcase a comic series before; remember The Hulk in the 1970’s? It was a highly successful series.

Quantitatively The Thing #1, in the mid-range categories (8.0 to 9.4) shows a substantial positive trend over the last two years. This issue with a grade of very fine (8.0) has yielded a monstrous 250% return (GoCollect)! Hold on to your hats people, this is slightly skewed by only two sales over that time period. However, a near mint (9.4) copy did yield 76% return over that same period. The grade range you want to speculate is between 9.4 and 8.5 grades. These categories show the most substantial improvement over the last two years in price and return; when you purchase in that price range it may provide some cushion should this speculation go bad.

The long and the short of The Thing #1 is this is a pure speculation play. You can go the safe route assuming a natural growth in the rate of return in high mid-grades and buy at that range. The alternative is just going for a 9.8 and purchasing it directly on eBay. Just wait for the good news to roll in and speculators to drive the price up in higher grades; then guess what boys and girls it truly is “Clobberin’ time!”

Spidey Symbiote

The Secret Wars #8 came out in 1984. This issue has Jim Shooter on script with the fantastic art of Mike Zeck. Ultimately, this is our introduction to the symbiote that would become Venom. This black suit is a symbiotic creature that feeds off of and increases Spider-man’s powers substantially.

Venom is about to have his own first movie appearance with Tom Hardy as the lead in 2018. Hardy as most of you know played Bane in the last Dark Knight. His acting ability could give this character and story the Spidey-leap in popularity and price. Not to mention, this film fulfills one of my requirements for upward price movement, movie catalyst.

However, if you had told me that Secret Wars #8 was going to be one of the most popular comics of 2017 say 33 years ago; I would have thought you were insane! Now just fast forward three decades, and of course Secret Wars #8 is the most popular Bronze Age comic over the last three months (GoCollect). I have been watching this issue crawl up the rankings over that time frame, and is now at number one status, bravo!

In retrospect, we have only had Venom appear in one movie before, and this would be his first stand alone film. Bottom line, Venom is popular and makes Secret Wars #8 a very sought after book. If your Spidey-sense is tingling, buy a copy of this issue from grades 8.5 to 9.4 and spin a web of speculation.

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