It’s a Buyer’s Market for Adam Warlock Keys

by Matt Tuck

Thor-165-page-8-212x300 It's a Buyer's Market for Adam Warlock KeysPrices for Adam Warlock’s key issues are dropping, but that makes it a buyer’s market for issues that will inevitably turn around.

Last year, Warlock’s impending MCU debut was fueling the market speculation on his key appearances. After Endgame teased the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and James Gunn was announced to once again write and direct the film, fan theories abound that Warlock will be a major character in GOTG Vol. 3. Since then, the rumor mill has slowed, and that has impacted prices for Warlock’s key issues. 

The thing to remember is that Warlock is a certainty for the MCU thanks to the appearance of his cocoon and being name-dropped in GOTG Vol. 2. That makes this lull in prices a prime opportunity to stock up. Here’s the current state of things.

FF-67-200x300 It's a Buyer's Market for Adam Warlock KeysFANTASTIC FOUR #67

Warlock’s mythos began in this 1967 issue, albeit briefly. After teasing the mystery of the cocoon, it was finally revealed in FF #67 that it contained Him, a genetically-engineered perfect being. He hung around for a cameo appearance before zooming into the cosmos. However brief his debut was, this is still the issue for Warlock collectors.

For the past 90 days, prices have been falling for virtually every grade. What’s even better for buyers is that, in most cases, the fair market values are at or near two-year lows. If you have the money to invest in a high grade, take a look at the 9.2, which has a 90-day average of $865 compared to its 2018 FMV of $1,065. 


Thor-165-2-210x300 It's a Buyer's Market for Adam Warlock KeysTHE MIGHTY THOR #165

Him made his first full appearance in Thor #165, battling the Thunder God for two issues. While it doesn’t carry the same values as FF #67, this is the hotter of the two comics, and the market for Thor #165 hasn’t dropped as dramatically as its counterpart. Still, for the past three months, most grades have lost value compared to their 2019 averages. Take the graded 4.5. Last year, it averaged $143, but it’s carrying a 90-day FMV of $124. 




Marvel-Premiere-1-200x300 It's a Buyer's Market for Adam Warlock KeysMARVEL PREMIERE #1

In 1972, the story goes that Roy Thomas was inspired by the musical Jesus Christ Superstar, and that led to him completely re-imagining Him. In Marvel Premiere #1, he debuted as Adam Warlock complete with a new costume. 

Once again, prices are down at the moment, which makes it a great time to buy this issue. Based on 90-day averages, you can add anything up to a graded 6.5 for close to $100. However, values are recuperating, as that same 6.5 recently sold for $130. 


As I said before, Warlock is a definite for the MCU. Marvel’s major tease in the post-credits scene of GOTG Vol. 2 won’t be for nothing, and we’ll see Him/Warlock on the big screen in the not-too-distant future. Could it be that Christian Bale will don the gold paint and bring Warlock to life? Maybe even Keanu Reeves, who has been rumored to play just about every MCU character at one point or another. Whether or not Warlock will make it into Thor: Love and Thunder or GOTG Vol. 3 remains to be seen, but rest assured, Him is coming.


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