It’s Punishment, Not Revenge, In Punisher War Journal #7

by Jeff

It’s Punishment, Not Revenge, In Punisher War Journal #7

The Punisher debuts his new Captain America-inspired costume in Punisher War Journal #7 and to mark this historic change, the issue will feature 50/50 covers by Young Guns Reloaded artist Ariel Olivetti: one with Frank’s classic look and one showcasing his all-new costume. A new look for the Punisher is just the beginning though, as his battle with Hate Monger may change Frank Castle forever in more ways than you expect!

mar072107d It’s Punishment, Not Revenge, In Punisher War Journal #7
Punisher War Journal #7

With the death of Captain America, Frank Castle’s job as the Punisher isn’t just to deal out justice with a flurry of bullets—he’s also trying to uphold the beliefs of the fallen hero. That’d be a lot easier if the Hate Monger wasn’t rallying his forces to commit horrible atrocities around the nation while wearing a uniform similar to that of Captain America.

“Matt Fraction and Ariel Olivetti should stand up and take a bow, because they are working on the best super hero version of the Punisher that has ever been published,” said Michael of ForeverGeek.Com.

Kevin Powers of named Punisher War Journal his pick of the week, explaining, “This book proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Matt Fraction is a force to be reckoned with….”

Marvel is happy to announce that Punisher War Journal #6 has sold out at Diamond. Please note that copies may be available at the retail level. With a special 50/50 variant cover by “Young Gun” Ariel Olivetti and fallout from Civil War, Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on the next issue of Punisher War Journal, one of the most acclaimed new series of 2007.

Pencils and 50/50 Covers by ARIEL OLIVETTI
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC- 4/19/07, On Sale- 5/09/07

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