It is far harder to kill THE PHANTOM than a reality

by Jeff

659515_320 It is far harder to kill THE PHANTOM than a realityMedia Release — “For those who came in late…” The Phantom #1, published by Hermes Press, is now in stores and online! Get it directly from Hermes Press here! This all-time classic character, created by Lee Falk 78 years ago, and beloved by generations of readers world-wide, is re- presented to young and old fans in a brand new adventure to be published in a 6-issue mini series. Hermes Press is proud to announce that the premiere issue of “The Ghost Who Walks” is nothing but praiseworthy, judging by the reviews pouring in!

From the jungle of Bangalla, The Phantom returns in this all-new comic adventure written by Peter David and drawn by Sal Velluto. There are three variant covers, one by Velluto, one by Alex Saviuk, and one by Graham Nolan.

In this first issue, The Phantom returns with his wife Diana to battle old and new enemies alike to protect an ancient fabled city of gold, so be sure to check it out!

From big companies to small, these editors and writers all gave The Phantom #1 two thumbs up! Below are excerpts from their reviews.

Sal Velluto and writer Peter David have combined talents to produce a great first issue for The Ghost Who Walks. The Phantom is in great hands with this creative team at the helm.- Carl Potts, former Marvel Comics Executive Editor

This looks to be an exciting new series and a terrific way to introduce new readers to The Phantom and his world. Ripping stuff!- Chuck Dixon, writer, Batman

The Ghost Who Walks strides heroically into action once again in the more than capable hands of comic greats, Peter David and Sal Velluto. Exciting story, beautiful art–what more do you need? Check it out! -Brian Augustyn, former editor, DC Comics

A dash of romance, a rush of adventure and a hint of danger combine to launch this long-time favorite to new heights!- Fabian Nicieza, former editor-in-chief, at Acclaim comics; former editor, Marvel Comics; and super star writer/creator.

The pages vibrate with dynamism, and Velluto’s jungle environments are lush and haunted. I’m looking forward to seeing more of The Phantom from Hermes Press.- Jeff Gomez, CEO, Starlight Runner Entertainment

If I were you, I’d buy two copies of the book–you’re going to wear one out looking at the pictures.- Michael Jan Friedman, writer, Star Trek

These artists have all illustrated The Phantom, and are weighing in on this newest version by Hermes Press:

If you like fun tales of high adventure then strap on your two 1911 Colt .45’s and join me in the Deep Woods. That’s where I’ll be.- Graham Nolan

Sal Velluto’s artwork is a joy to behold — obviously a labor of love with fondness for the characters and the wonderful textures that produce the colorful environment that The Phantom calls home! – Alex Saviuk

If you’re new to the Phantom lore, check it out and see why this is one of the most popular heroes the world over. If you’re already a Phantom fan, this is the comic you’ve been waiting for.- Bob McLeod

I’ve worked as the inker on The Phantom comic strip for ten years and I can tell you that the Peter David and Sal Velluto version of The Phantom is right on the mark. – Keith Williams

It covers the origin of The Phantom and delves right into an interesting tale with believable characters, leaving you wanting more.- Ruben Procopio

Both writer and illustrator have done a spectacular job. Sal has taken great care of the visual narrative with brilliant results. I congratulate them both for their great work.- Jan Boix

The art is gorgeous. Messrs Velluto and Mattozzi have done an excellent job of not only capturing the period but giving us an example of what a Phantom comic should look like.- Glenn Ford

The art is truly remarkable. From the cover on, vibrant and eye catching, the reader will be introduced to a cavalcade of beautiful images, depicting the journey of Kit Walker from shipwrecked only survivor to the mythical hero he would become amongst the natives of Bangalla.- Antonio Lemos

These gentlemen are members of the “Friends of the Phantom” Fan Club, one of the most exclusive group of Phantom collectors and connoisseurs in the world.

Peter David’s story is engaging and Sal Velluto’s artwork superb. We look forward to more of the same in future issues.- Bob Griffin

After reading this story, I just want more story right away. It reminded me of the way I felt as a youngster reading the Lee Falk and Sy Barry Phantom Sunday pages, where I wanted to know what would be happening next.- “Pistol” Pete Klaus

The retelling of the origin of The Phantom was well done and the humor in the new story reminded me of Lee Falk’s humor in the early Phantoms. The art work was very well done. It was clear and crisp but not in your face like so many modern comics are today. – Howard Gesbeck

Fans from all over the world are excited about Hermes Press’s all-new Phantom series!

Just read a sneak peak of this today and boy am I hooked! The art is gorgeous and the script so far is highly detailed.- Jermayn Parker, Australia

Even if I am used to the more “kind” action in the old strips, and also the down tuned drama in Egmont’s stories, I do not find this to be “too much”. On the contrary, I find it refreshing to read a story that does not hide all forms of “harmful” action for the readers- Ivan Pedersen, Norway

I think the composure composition is awesome [sic], a new way of presenting “the man who cannot die” to a wider audience.- Erik Wonde, Sweden

It is very good to know that our favorite character is still in very good hands, with professionals like David and Velluto.- Celso Nunes, Brazil

Peter David delivers a delightful classic pulp tale complemented by Sal Velluto’s great art. The Phantom was the precursor of all comic heroes. Take a chance to read this book and you’ll find yourself wanting for more. -Silvano Calligari, Italy

From artists to writers to fans, Peter David and Sal Velluto’s Phantom is truly a masterpiece, and one that every fan, new and old, should own. Get your copy before it’s too late!

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