It Came from the Hottest Comics: Trends and Oddities

by Matt Tuck

022621F_Blog-300x300 It Came from the Hottest Comics: Trends and OdditiesCollectors embraced their nostalgia this week as some 1980s Batman, along with G.I. Joe and even Beavis and Butthead moved up in the Hottest Comics.

The Hottest Comics rankings are based solely on sales volume, so the list does not reflect any trends in fair market value. Instead, this post series is aimed at reading between the lines and seeing what patterns and trends are emerging.

Batman-1989-movie-199x300 It Came from the Hottest Comics: Trends and Oddities533. BATMAN: THE OFFICIAL COMIC ADAPTATION OF THE WARNER BROS. MOTION PICTURE (+466)

DC Comics is truly doubling down on Tim Burton’s vision of Gotham City. First, there was the news that Michael Keaton would reprise his role as Bruce Wayne for the upcoming Flash solo film. Then word spread that HBO Max would resurrect the beloved Batman: The Animated Series, which originally aired as an accompanying piece to Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns, complete with the same pseudo-1940s aesthetic. 

The latest excitement on the Tim Burton Batman front is that DC Comics is creating a comic series that picks up where Batman Returns left off. That has been enough to drive the sales volume for the 1989 Batman movie comic adaptation. 

Batman-423-195x300 It Came from the Hottest Comics: Trends and Oddities530. BATMAN #423 (+469)

Speaking of Batman, another of Todd McFarlane’s celebrated covers is trending in the right direction this week. Batman #423, which featured the rare DC Comics cover art from the famed artist, climbed nearly 500 positions this week. It even brought a friend along for the ride as the second print of Batman #423 actually outpaced the first print, landing in the 529th place for the week.

G.I.-Joe-2-195x300 It Came from the Hottest Comics: Trends and Oddities454. G.I. JOE, A REAL AMERICAN HERO #2 SECOND PRINT (+454)

Another second print outdid its predecessor this week as the second issue of G.I. Joe moved just one spot ahead of the first print. This issue featured the first appearance of Kwinn, but I do not believe that would be enough reason for collectors to buy this one in droves. Aside from hardcore Joe fans, who really cares about Kwinn? Nevertheless, G.I. Joe will always have a fan base, and the comics have been gaining respect from collectors over the past decade. That is why I am never surprised to see an early G.I. Joe comic make it into the Hottest Comics.

Beavis-and-Butthead-1-198x300 It Came from the Hottest Comics: Trends and OdditiesWHO’S BUYING THIS STUFF? THE ODDBALLS OF THE WEEK

It is time for some 1990s nostalgia. This week’s oddball prize is awarded to Beavis and Butthead #1 and #28 from 1994. Kids today will never understand the popularity of MTV’s immature, inane cartoon series that predated even Jackass. It helped move mainstream animation further into adult territory with the sophomoric humor of Mike Judge’s dastardly duo. 

Why did Beavis and Butthead #1 make it on the Hottest Comics index? It could be related to theBeavis-and-Butthead-28-196x300 It Came from the Hottest Comics: Trends and Oddities series reboot in the works, but that was reported last summer. What is more surprising is that after ranking #591, that means more people purchased this issue than nearly half of the top-1,001 comics.

The thing is, it was not just one issue of Beavis and Butthead that was selling. Beavis and Butthead #28 made it all the way to #600, so it was actually trending this week. in addition to being this round’s oddest comic on the index. Apparently, there is still love left for the old cartoon series. 

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Jay Pele February 28, 2021 - 10:30 pm

Batman 423 is one of those comics, that for nearly 20 years, I bought it whenever I saw it. I just love that cover, and if I could get a nice copy for under $20 I bought it. Now I have ~50 copies or so of the 1st print and lord knows how many of the 2nd and 3rd prints. I guess that worked out pretty well, I had no idea they’d gone up so much, last time I checked they were $40-50 for a NM copy. Time to press and send them to be graded.

Jay Pele February 28, 2021 - 10:36 pm

Remember when GI Joe #2 was considered “scarce” due to low distribution? Pepperidge Farm remembers that was a bit of a hoax, some say due to a group of people getting their hands on >200k copies of it. The value of that book was 5x-10x higher than #1 and reached $120 for NM back in the 80s, and I have the CVM from then to prove it.

algonwolf March 2, 2021 - 8:50 am

Matt: I do enjoy your blogs. I especially like the odd ball stuff. It is just plain entertaining. What would be interesting is if you included the raw number of books sold along with the increase (decrease) in rankings, it would give us a basis for comparison. Thanks.


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