Is Ultimatum the Next Big MCU Event?

by Robert D'Ottavi

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In 2009, Marvel, Jeph Loeb, and artist David Finch, released one of the most insane and truly bizarre crossover events… Ever(?) in Ultimatum. Since then, fans have avoided the Ultimate Marvel storyline like the Black Plague. However, could this incredibly controversial crossover event be the MCU’s next Infinity War/Endgame? One rumor, from a fairly reliable source, seems to suggest that this is likely…

The Ultimate universe was a fascinating experiment for Marvel, and one of the reasons as to why I am such a huge fan of these iconic characters. Beginning in 2000, the alternate reality was meant to usher in new fans with contemporary versions of Marvel’s most popular characters. However, as time passed, the universe lost its way. In 2008, writer Jeph Loeb was tasked with bringing “much” of the universe to a dramatic close. What resulted from this creative decision was the 2008 crossover event, Ultimatum.

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In the storyline, Magneto attempts to destroy the world following the apparent deaths of his children, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. Spoilers for the storyline that is over 12 years old, but in the end, it is revealed that Doctor Doom has orchestrated everything, leading to his graphic demise at the hands of The Thing. While the general idea was great and exciting, the execution was something else entirely. Ultimatum is notorious amongst fans for its brutal and uncomfortable depiction of violence within the Marvel universe. Characters like the Wasp are eaten alive, while Doctor Strange’s head explodes in graphic, disgusting detail. While the series did sell incredibly well, the response was (understandably) negative.

Is Ultimatum the Next Big MCU Event?

clean-12-192x300 Is Ultimatum the Next Big MCU Event?

So, with that all said, why would Marvel Studios be looking at one of the most controversial comic book stories ever for their next crossover event? According to MCU Cosmic, Marvel Studios are developing a “modified” version of the Ultimatum storyline. While I certainly do not love the idea of seeing any form of Ultimatum on the big screen, much like how the studio handled Civil War and the Infinity Saga, the folks at Marvel Studios could simply take the general idea – Magneto ordering world destruction, and having Doctor Doom pulling the strings – and do whatever they want with it. Following the MCU’s negative feedback from Martin Scorsese, perhaps Kevin Feige wants to create a truly ballsy, risky, and controversial crossover film?

Now, here’s the question of the day: Should you even consider investing in Ultimatum? At the moment, I would not put your money on it. As we have seen with Infinity Gauntlet #1, just because the movies are adapting a certain storyline, it does not mean that the book said story is based on will go bonanza. At the moment, Infinity Gauntlet #1 in a 9.8 grade is selling for a mere $230 (USD) on eBay, while signed copies can go up to $800. With all this said, though, I would keep an eye on Ultimatum over the next few years, as we have seen stranger stuff happen in the MCU.

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