Is This Character The Eternals’ Surprise Villain?

by Robert D'Ottavi

Thena-Kro-Eternals-Deviants-2-300x150 Is This Character The Eternals' Surprise Villain?Marvel’s Eternals film is meant to drop later this year, but with the Coronavirus in full-swing, that may change. Even if the movie is pushed to 2021, an Eternals movie is coming! The Chloé Zhao directed film includes one of the finest comic book movie casts assembled featuring Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Selma Hayek, Kit Harington, Kumail Nanjiani and Gemma Chan, just to name a few. However, while the heroes of the story are well-known, the villain (or villains) of the film remains a mystery. Alas, today, I want to look at two Eternals characters who may be the film’s surprise villain.

In August of last year, Dunkirk‘s Barry Keoghan was cast as Eternals baddie Druig. In the comic books, Druig is the cousin of Ikaris (played by Madden), and in modern times, aligns himself with the KGB. As of writing this, it remains unseen whether or not the film will adapt these elements from the comics. Keoghan’s casting led many to believe that the character (who first appeared in Eternals #11) will be the movie’s main antagonist. And while I cannot deny this, I believe Druig will not be alone in his quest to take the Eternals out…

Is This Character The Eternals’ Surprise Villain?

A few days ago, a secret list of Funko Pops hit the internet. This leaked list included a few Eternals characters who have not been formally announced (or cast) by Marvel Studios, including Kro and Arisham, the Judge.

clean-11-193x300 Is This Character The Eternals' Surprise Villain?

Now, if you are unsure of who these characters even are, do not feel ashamed, I will give you a little rundown. Kro is a shape-shifting Deviant, and one of the Eternals’ main antagonists. Something interesting to note here, in the comics, Kro is a known love-interest for Thena, who will be played by Jolie in the forthcoming film. As for Arisham, he is a Celestial who is tasked with judging the worthiness of species which have been influenced by his kind, ultimately deciding which of these species deserve to live and which deserve to perish.

Now, look: Unlike LEGO leaks, if a character is getting a Funko Pop toy, chances are, they will be in the film. So, if that is the case, and Kro and Arisham do indeed make their MCU debuts in The Eternals, should you pick up their debut comics?

Kro, much like many characters in the upcoming film, made his debut in Eternals #1. A few weeks back, a 9.8 copy of the book sold for $975 (USD), while a lower grade (9.0) sold for $130. On eBay right now, you can steal a 9.8 graded copy for $859. While these prices may be on the more accessible side, I believe this will change come the release of the film. Bear in mind, most audiences do not even know an Eternals film is coming, as Marvel Studios have yet to officially release any footage. Considering this book is a key to this franchise, I would pick it up, no matter what.

1098749-194x300 Is This Character The Eternals' Surprise Villain?Looking at Arisham, and you can see something rather interesting. The character made his debut in Eternals #2, as did the other Celestials. These characters first appeared on screen in Guardians of the Galaxy back in 2014, but Arisham was sadly left out. A 9.8 copy of Eternals #2 will set you back $600, while a 9.0 grade last traded in March of this year for $65. Much like I pointed out with Eternals #1, it is essential to remember that a lot of audiences do not know these characters yetCome the first trailer release, or poster reveal, all of that will change, as is the case with most MCU films. Besides, who knew the Guardians of the Galaxy before 2014?

All in all, I am a big advocate for the Eternals. I firmly believe these characters will be a breakout hit for Marvel and Disney, spawning a colossal and gigantic franchise. With an actress like Jolie, whose talent is so monumental, it would be a damn shame to waste a beautiful storyline between Thena and the previously mentioned, Kro. If either Kro or Arisham does indeed appear in The Eternals as a surprise villain, I would not be surprised in the slightest.


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