Is the Deadpool Love Affair Over?

by Matt Tuck

147540_099b4fbcf31cc85003de83875666471105bffdcf-194x300 Is the Deadpool Love Affair Over?

When I bought my copy of New Mutants #98, I thought I was holding at least $300 in my hands. Here I had the first appearance of Deadpool with a new movie on the horizon. I was sure I could sell this anytime I chose.

Why wouldn’t I? I had one of the most popular comics on the market, albeit mid-grade. Over the course of a year, I added the signatures of Deadpool creators Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza. As far as I was concerned, I had upped the price tag to at least $500.

Then one fateful day, I decided to put it on eBay. And months later, I still haven’t gotten the first offer. So I dropped the price and even put it on the Facebook comic sellers pages. If you listen closely, you might be able to hear the crickets chirping.

I got curious about figuring out the problem, and when I did my research, I figured out that I’m not alone in having a comic that I seemingly can’t sell.


If you check the statistics on the GPA for CGC Comics website, you will see that all grades of New Mutants #98 have dropped in fair market value over the past two years.

Back in 2015, a CGC 9.8 averaged an even $800. A year later, that average dropped to $769. Here we are at the tail end of 2017, and the average has fallen to $754.

What about other grades? A 9.6, which was once averaging $434 just two years ago, has lost money as well and is bringing $377. In fact, every single grade in the very fine and near mint range have lost value in the past year alone.

At first glance, you may think that some grades are doing well, but look closer. A 7.5 is up to $205 in the last 12 months, but keep in mind that its fair market value was $241 two years ago. If you bought a CGC 7.0 in 2015 for the average price of $256, you’ll want to skip this part – it’s lost a median of $80, which is actually $2 better than last year.


It’s true that NM #98 is consistently one of the most-sold graded comics on eBay. Every single week, it ranks in the top-three Hottest Comics, and it regularly takes the number one position. In fact, there have been 1,003 recorded sales of graded copies of New Mutants #98.

As of Sunday, December 17, there are 44,040 live eBay auctions for copies of New Mutants #98, according to GPA for CGC Comics. And therein lies part of the problem – bulk. There are just so many copies of NM #98 available. It’s simple supply and demand, and what we’re seeing is the demand for it has dropped while the supply is still very high.

The other part of the equation can be blamed on Disney/Marvel. We’ve seen so much Deadpool and his fourth-wall-breaking schtick that fans are apparently growing tired of him. Maybe it’s time that Marvel scaled back its Deadpool campaign.

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