Is Now the Time to Invest in Animal Crossing 64?

by Lauren Sisselman

092721B-300x157 Is Now the Time to Invest in Animal Crossing 64?This year Animal Crossing turned 20, so let’s look at the first game in the Animal Crossing universe — Animal Forest (Doubutsu no Mori). Last year, Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch took the world by storm. The game came out at the perfect time. Animal Crossing hit shelves right as the world was going into lockdown due to the Corona Virus pandemic. People from all walks of life around the world were logging in, with many people discovering Animal Crossing for the first time.

Doubutsu no Mori came out at the end of the Nintendo 64s life, nor was this game released in America. But this first installment charmed fans so much that Nintendo quickly released a follow-up game for the GameCube, Doubutsu no Mori+. This game was also released in North America under the now-infamous Animal Crossing title. Fans interested in playing the Nintendo 64 installment can be easily found, and eagle eyes fans can even buy fan-translated versions. But what will this game cost you? Is it worth investing in?

Should you invest in an import game?

Import games tend to go lower than their American counterparts, but as there is no official US counterpart (for the sake of this article I won’t count the fan-translated versions) you can expect to pay a somewhat high price for this game. Buyer be aware — a complete version of this game must include the Controller Pack. Doubutsu no Mori is the only Nintendo-developed game that requires this to save the game.51D98VK2RWL-e1627913423261-217x300 Is Now the Time to Invest in Animal Crossing 64?

On June 1, a complete copy of Doubutsu no Mori sold for $94. The game itself was in excellent shape, but there is noticeable wear on the box and booklet. On May 23, another complete copy sold for $98. If you are looking at complete copies of this game, you will be looking at prices just shy of $100. If you’re eyeing a set that does not include the Controller Pack, you’re still looking at a price range between $50-$70. Are you looking to buy the cartridge only? Expect to pay under $40. Cartridges routinely sell in the $35 neighborhood, which is slightly higher than what a solo cartridge should go for — especially an import one. Even the fan-translated ones routinely sell for $35!

Due to the game’s continuous and never-ending popularity, I do see this game increasing in value over the years. Finding graded copies of this game is rather difficult, as many people still play this game. If you’re looking for a game to invest in, I can not recommend Doubutsu no Mori enough. As more people discover this slice of life video game, demand for the original will increase. Good luck and happy bidding!

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