Is Hulk 181 Finally Slowing Down?

by Matt Tuck

Hulk-181-201x300 Is Hulk 181 Finally Slowing Down?Buyers, don’t get excited just yet, but the latest data suggests that Hulk 181’s blistering 2018 pace may finally be slowing. 

If you listen closely, you can hear the scoffing of investors everywhere.

Before I get started, let me preface by saying that The Incredible Hulk #181 prices are not necessarily falling, but they are slowing, and that’s worth noting.

For much of 2018, Hulk #181 has been skyrocketing. The pace at which the value has climbed has been unprecedented. As I noted in The Wolvie-xplosion, most grades were jumping almost daily, reaching new record figures week after week. It was downright ridiculous. After months of this white-hot pace, it may be beginning to plateau.

Of the eight Hulk #181s that have traded hands on eBay in October, five have either dropped or stayed about the same within the past few weeks. Here’s the breakdown.

Qualified (aka, missing the Marvel Value Stamp) 9.0

Granted there have only been four Q9.0s sold in 2018, on September 5, it peaked at $2,900. On September 30, it dropped to $1,975. The most recent sale on October 2 was up to $2,274. Keep in mind that is well above the 2016 average of $1,275, but it’s still nearly $700 from that September 5 sale.

Complete 8.5

The 8.5 is one grade that isn’t plateauing just yet. In fact, it’s continuing to set new record highs. In August, it had risen to a phenomenal $4,750. So far in October, it hasn’t sold for under $5k, and a new record was reached when one sold for $5,368 on October 1.

Complete 8.0

For much of September, this was selling for between $4,500 and $5k. On the 22nd, it brought a new high of $5,300. Over the five sales since then, it has steadily fallen by close to $1k below that mark. It went all the way down to $3,885 on September 30. The October 7 sale saw an increase to $4,301, which is still well below that September 22 record.

Complete 7.5

There’s not too much to say about the 7.5. Like most other grades, it reached a new high last month when it sold for $3,850 on September 16. Aside from that sale, it has consistently stayed in the $3,700 range into October.

Complete 7.0

At the end of August, the 7.0 looked as if it was going to remain in the $4k range. After all, two consecutive sales on August 21 and 29 both reached that record-high figure. Since then, it’s gradually come down to $3,171 in its most recent sale on October 4.

Complete 6.0

As I pointed out, not every grade is reaching a plateau. The 6.0 actually set a new high of $3,217 on October 2.

Complete 5.5

Here’s another example of the declining prices, albeit a relatively small decline. The last eBay sale was on October 7, and it was for $2,436. Compare that with the $2.6k+ figures it was reaching in August, and you’ll see what I mean by declining prices. I do have to point out that a Heritage Auction sale on October 7 brought $2,640, but as far as eBay, where you’ll find the bulk of the sales data, it’s dropped to the $2,400 range as of late.

Complete 5.0

It appeared the 5.0 was ready to enter the $3k territory only days ago. From mid-August to the end of September, prices had gradually risen from $2,500 to $2,725 before setting a new record of $2,850. However, two of the past three sales have been for between $2,225 and $2,400.

Will we see prices return to their 2017 values? Not a chance, but we may see Hulk #181 values at least stay put…at least until Wolverine enters the MCU. When that happens, 2018’s numbers will seem like a great value.


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