Is Giant-Man’s Performance More Ant-Man?

by Michael Vlachakis

131248_59b0e8bbd82a8d2a5320f2b3c60d03af136ae561-199x300 Is Giant-Man's Performance More Ant-Man?

What does it take to make a character popular with collectors and drive up comic values?  The answer is simple…Magic!  There is no set formula, there is no algorithm to predict it, and if it was simple to do, everyone would do it.  Of all the characters from the first 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), I had big hopes for Ant-Man and his ability to drive gains.  I have been somewhat right, but the character has shown huge promise along with dwindling prices at other times.  Why can’t Ant-Man stabilize and take off?  Let’s take a look.

Prices for Avengers #181, which features the first appearance of Scott Lang, has grown and shrunk over the past few years.  With multiple MCU appearances from fan-favorite Paul Rudd in the role of Scott, I would have assumed that the character would be more collectible (as a side note, when I say “collectible” I mean desired by buyers and actually purchased off the market when for sale).  Other characters from the series like Hank Pym and The Wasp from the Silver Age are harder to collect in higher grades and scarcer on the market in general.  Whereas, Scott Lang is the main character from the series, has a readily available first appearance, and it hits an affordable price for collectors.  All positives.

More good news is the fact that we will be treated to more Scott Lang in future MCU offerings.  Scott has had some important dealings in the MCU.  You could say that without him, there is no Time Heist, Thanos stays the winner, and half of the universal population remains gone…pretty important.  As we move into Phase IV, we are left to wonder what will the future hold for Ant-Man now that he is a mighty Avenger and not just a sidekick hero.  I expect that Scott will take on a more mature role with the Avengers as new members are initiated and the team is revamped.  Scott is a jack-of-all-trades and has more real-world hero-ing experience than most.  This should make him a great leader to younger heroes who are trying to earn their stripes.  Scott’s greatest power may be that he has no powers at all.  He is just a normal dude willing to do what is necessary to save the day.  What better example than that.

With copies of Avengers #181 available on the market, now may be the time to strike.  Copies at 9.8 grade are listed on the market from the high $300 to the low $500 range.  Any copy that has shown up in the low $300’s or below seems to get snatched up fairly quickly.  You can expect copies to trickle off the market until we get some definitive news on what is next for Ant-Man in the MCU.  As an additional detail, this book has a fun cover depicting a slew of Avengers team members huddled around the table waiting to see who will be “let go” by the superhero consultants.  If that doesn’t speak to the common man, I don’t know what does.

Are you expecting more Scott Lang in the MCU?  Do you hope we get more Quantum Realm visits?  Drop your comments and join the speculation!

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