Is Blue Beetle Worth The Investment?

by Robert D'Ottavi

090221D-300x157 Is Blue Beetle Worth The Investment?DC on film has been a rather unique experience, to say the absolute least. This year alone, fans were spoilt with Zack Snyder’s Justice League and James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. Next year, we are set to feast on The Batman, Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom, The Flash and Black Adam, starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. However, one project that has been on everybody’s minds recently is the upcoming Blue Beetle film on HBO Max. Today, I ask a rather simple question: Is Blue Beetle worth the investment?

Who Is Blue Beetle?

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In DC mythology, there have been three Blue Beetles including Dan Garrett, Ted Kord, and the film’s lead, Jamie Reyes. The history of the Blue Beetle mantle is absolutely fascinating, and the stuff that could be a film in itself! According to multiple sources, the upcoming HBO Max film will primarily focus on Reyes.

While Garrett was originally a Charlton Comics character, Reyes first appeared in Infinite Crisis #3, before making his debut as Blue Beetle two issues later in Infinite Crisis #5

Reyes’ origin is not dissimilar to that of Spider-Man. He is a teenager with too much responsibility and expectations. When a magical scarab finds its way to his front door, the scarab bonds with Reyes, fusing itself to the teenager’s spine. Infinite-Crisis-5-CGC-9-8-Front-e1630529217367-199x300 Is Blue Beetle Worth The Investment?

Is Blue Beetle Worth The Investment?

In recent years, I have not invested in a DC comic or character. I find Warner Bros and DC to be incredibly unpredictable, where Marvel Comics just is not. DC typically announces fifteen projects, and end up only producing two. Looking at you, New Gods. For this reason, above all else, I have shied away from investing in DC. However, Jamie Reyes is a rather unique diamond in the rough.

Reyes’ first two appearances are significantly cheaper than you would expect. Of course, these books are not old by any stretch of the imagination. Infinite Crisis hit shelves back in 2006, so there are a lot of copies of these books out there. 

Reyes’ first actual appearance in Infinite Crisis #3 is a rather cheap one, with a 9.8 grade selling for an all-time high of $140 (USD) this June. That said, if you look at the Jim Lee variant of Infinite Crisis #5, you see a trend that is actually rather exciting.14387280-e1630529419699-183x300 Is Blue Beetle Worth The Investment?

A 9.8 copy of the regular Infinite Crisis #5 recently sold for $200 (USD) in July of this year. Whereas a 9.8 grade of the Lee variant of the same book actually sold for $425 (USD) late last month. There is an increased demand for the Lee cover as it actually features the cover debut of Reyes as the Blue Beetle.

There are tons of copies of this book on eBay at the moment, and they are priced well below what you would expect. With the movie announced, and the titular character cast, there is a rather large part of me that is saying to invest in this book, specifically the Jim Lee variant as you could see rather successful and quick returns. 

If I were you, I’d keep an eye on this book as I know I will.

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‘The original Dan Garret was created by Charles Nicholas Wojtowski and started in Mystery Men Comics #1 In August 1939 produced by the Fox Feature Syndicate comic company.’ – Comic Vine


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