Iron Man Director of SHIELD #34 REVIEW

by Jeff
tfawlogo Iron Man Director of SHIELD #34 REVIEW

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Greetings from the stacks! I just carved out a few minutes to catch up on a couple of this week’s new releases and I gotta tell you, Iron Man Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. #34 really stands out from the crowd.

aug082388d Iron Man Director of SHIELD #34 REVIEW

As you can see, Iron Man is noticeably absent from the cover of his own title and in his place stands War Machine. So the Marvel Universe is under siege by the Skrull menace and the war is spilling into virtually every title and you’re probably getting a bit tired of it at this point. Me too.

This particular issue is something special though. Sure there’s enough skrulliness to keep the skrull fans happy, but there are a couple of things I keyed in on:

a) we get a glimpse into Rhodey’s tough childhood and
b) the choices he’s made in his past, and the choices he makes in this book, show us the kind of man he is.

This book was super good and the end left me really upset that we have to wait until the 19th of November to get the rest of the story. That’s what a good comic should do, keep you coming back for more every time.


Written by Josh@TFAW

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