Investment-Worthy Comic Books with Multiple First Appearances

by Joesph Overaitis

s-l640-202x300 Investment-Worthy Comic Books with Multiple First AppearancesOne of the rules repeated on these boards is to diversify your portfolio.  Most think it has to be done by buying different books.  Some books allow you to diversify your investment with a single book. In the past, I mentioned  Fantastic Four Annual #6.  Most wanted this book for the first appearance of Annihulus.   Many ignored that the book also contained the first appearance of Franklin Richards.  I also mentioned Strange Tales #126 with first appearances of Clea and Dormammu.  Other books offer the same two for one investment opportunities.

xmen-197x300 Investment-Worthy Comic Books with Multiple First AppearancesUncanny X-Men Opportunity

A book that continues to draw investor interest is Uncanny X-Men #129.  The initial interest was the first appearance of X-Men mainstay Kitty Pryde.  Kitty Pryde has already appeared in film and cartoons.  If she ever appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe this book would explode in value.  This book is safe because of the first appearance of Kitty Pryde, but it has even more to make you want to own a copy.

Uncanny X-Men has other first appearances to draw investors to this book.  Emma Frost is another character that has leaped from the comics to cartoons and film.  She is one of the members of the Hellfire Club.  A close imitation of the Hellfire Club has already appeared on the silver screen so I would not be betting on a repeat appearance in the MCU soon.  That does not make it impossible, though.  The first appearance of the Hellfire Club, Emma Frost, and Kitty Pryde makes this book a very desirable investment even at the current FMV achieved during the pandemic.  That is what multiple first appearances in books allow you to do… Hedge your bets.

Iron Man and Thanos

iron-199x300 Investment-Worthy Comic Books with Multiple First AppearancesIron Man #55 was a hot book for investors.  It contained the first appearance of Thanos.  He appeared in an end-credits-scene in the first Avengers film.  His presence was felt in almost every MCU film, ending in Avengers: Endgame.   Iron Man #55 is not hot anymore after Avengers: Endgame because investors believe this book has no more significance to the MCU….or does it?

The first appearance of Kronos in Iron Man #55 has been ignored.  Maybe it shouldn’t be anymore.  Kronos was the leader of the Eternals.  The Eternals will soon be appearing in the MCU.  Thanos also said in comics that Kronos is one of the powerful entities in the Marvel Universe.   Might his presence play a significant role in the MCU?

The Eternals is a movie that at first seems to not bridge Avengers: Endgame to the next phases, but what if Kronos’ role transitions us there?  Even if he does not, you also have the first appearance of Drax of Guardians of The Galaxy, Starfox, and Mentor in this book. Maybe you should re-think the importance of this book and grab it if it slides in value.

A bunch of Mutant Multiple first appearances

Giant-195x300 Investment-Worthy Comic Books with Multiple First AppearancesGiant-Size X-Men #1 is an iconic book.  The first appearances of Nightcrawler, Storm, Colossus, and Thunderbird all are in this book.  In addition, this book marks the introduction of the New X-Men team to the Marvel universe. If you can not get a Hulk #181, then this is the next key Wolverine comic I would purchase to add to either your collection or investment portfolio.

I would have a buy and hold on to this book because we know mutants are coming to the MCU sooner or later.  You think this book is hot now? Watch it when X-Men and MCU unite.  This book does not come cheap.  It is also hard to find raw.  That being said it is a book I think you may want to add to your collection now rather than later.  I was told years ago not to buy it because it was already priced way beyond what it would “ever” be worth.  The store that told me that is no longer in business.

DC Comics Presents Multiple First Appearances

DC-194x300 Investment-Worthy Comic Books with Multiple First AppearancesMarv Wolfman and George Perez are known for their creativity in the comic world.  This creativity can be seen in DC Comics Presents #26.  This book features three key players in the DC universe.  Cyborg was the product of technology and biology.  He was the future. The future came early as this character first made his presence known in cartoons and then leaped into the DC cinematic universe in Justice League.  Starfire was the fish out of water alien that has impacted many storylines in comics.  She also has jumped to the small screen.  The third character first appearing in this book was Raven.  A character that could tap into the darker elements of the DC universe. Might a jump to movies be in her future?

This book has long been sought after by investors because of these first appearances.  I still believe this book has legs because of what transpired in the Arrowverse.  Multiple universes may still exist.  If you can have a television and movie Flash why could you not have a film dealing with the Teen Titans?  Look at the MCU and you see a younger generation on the big screen.  Why would DC ignore that trend and not produce a film about younger heroes for audiences?   This book, to me, has room to grow even if they do not appear in a film because of the first appearance of three established characters.  You can still find this book raw in great conditions and prices. Why not buy now and hold it for the future?

One book doubles your pleasure

Many comics can be found that have first appearances of more than one team or character in one book.  Buying them allows the investor to diversify their investment.  Some of these books have not reached their fullest potential even if they already have a high FMV.  Other books have cooled down because people see only one character’s first appearance and ignore other key elements of the book.  Finally, some books are not hot, but that does not mean they will not become hot because of the multiple first appearances of the book.

These are not books for speculators looking to make a quick flip.  These books are blue-chip comic books that have had elements of them ignored that could generate interest later.  Be patient.  Look around.  If you see these books for a good price, buy them.

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dave stevens January 11, 2021 - 1:56 pm

These are all good choices for books that feature multiple first appearances, but I don’t really think any of them are overlooked anymore. I have been surprised for a while that Drax doesn’t factor into Iron Man 55 any more than he has, but maybe that’s just me. Which do you think has the most upside? Giant size X-Men 1 will always be important and will continue to rise, but it seems unlikely to me it will have the largest percentage-wise gain on this list.

Joesph Overaitis January 11, 2021 - 5:33 pm


I agree most of these books are not overlooked. The reason that these books are hot is what I am trying to make investors and collectors sense. That way they can find other books where multiple first appearances exist that double or triple the potential in the book.

I agree with you so much with Drax. I seen people dumping this book because Thanos was used in the movie. This book is so much more than just thanos. You are probably one of the few who sees this as also the Drax first appearance book and not just a 1st appearance for Thanos.

I think that Drax and the eternal connections could be significant and drive the book again. That is why the Eternals movie seemed odd at first until you realize the importance of this book.

GS X-Men will peak the most when they appear in the MCU. It will be the hot book for a long time. I think even percentage wise. Call it a hunch but this book will draw everyone’s attention that even though it should not out gain all the other books percentage wise, I would not be shocked if it exploded in value beyond what it should. I think this is one of those books that will defy logic. Common sense tells me to agree with you but that outside voice that factors in craziness of the market says nope LOL


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