Investing in the Daughters of Marvel/DC

by John Gerlach

110321C-300x157 Investing in the Daughters of Marvel/DCLet’s take a look at some potentially undervalued issues focusing on the daughters of Marvel and DC’s key characters.  This niche is worthy of your consideration because the examples we are going to look at are all strong female characters with plenty of upside potential and room for story development.  Here are three daughters and some key books for each one.

First up is…

Duela Dent–The Joker’s Daughter (or is she?)

eyJidWNrZXQiOiJnb2NvbGxlY3QuaW1hZ2VzLnB1YiIsImtleSI6IjFmZjEyNWQ2LTBjODAtNDE0YS1hMDk0LTcwNmZlZmFiOGM5Ny5qcGciLCJlZGl0cyI6eyJub3JtYWxpc2UiOnRydWV9fQ-196x300 Investing in the Daughters of Marvel/DCThe comic history of Duela Dent takes many twists and turns, and it is mazy to the max!  

Take her name, for instance. Dent is her last name because she may actually be Two-Face’s daughter.  But there’s more (possible family ties to the Ridder, and Penguin) and then it gets confusing.  Sometimes she fights for good to atone for her father’s (Joker) crimes (she was a member of Teen Titans and Teen Titans East), sometimes not so much (especially in the New 52 version).  Consistently she lies, while also being certifiable at the same time.  

And then there’s the fact that the Joker denies he has a daughter.  Let’s look at the investment possibilities when it comes to the strange and ever-changing Duela Dent:

Batman Family #6 (1976)is the first comic appearance of Duela, and she makes the cover.  In her debut, she looks like the Joker, accompanied by green hair, wacky laugh, and jester-like superpower mayhem.   Currently, the FMY of this issue is $240 for a graded 9.6.  

Batman Family #9 (1977) is the third comic appearance of the Joker’s daughter where she poses as the Riddler’s daughter, the Penguin’s daughter, and finds out she is Two-face’s daughter…maybe.  (That’s not confusing!).  She tries to convince Robin to back her for membership in the Teen Titans.  (See Teen Titans #48 below).  FMV of a 9.6 is $140.  

Teen Titans #48 (1977) features the Joker’s daughter on the cover with Two-Face threatening her because she is a member of the Teen Titans.  She is portrayed as a crimefighter and joins forces with the Teen Titans as the Harlequin.  (You mean like Harley-Quinn??).  A 9.6 will run you $170.  

x-23 (Laura Kinney)

eyJidWNrZXQiOiJnb2NvbGxlY3QuaW1hZ2VzLnB1YiIsImtleSI6ImJhNmVjODY2LTM1MTItNGFhYS05OGJmLTM5YmRlZTg2ZjM1MS5qcGciLCJlZGl0cyI6eyJub3JtYWxpc2UiOnRydWV9fQ-197x300 Investing in the Daughters of Marvel/DCLaura Kinney is the clone and eventually, the adopted daughter of Wolverine.  X-23 was designed as an assassin and killing machine.  X-23 has been a popular character in comics and has already shown up in an animated series X-men: Evolution (2003).  Here are some top investment possibilities:

NYX #3 (2004) is a monster book that is the first comic appearance of Laura Kinney.  Her origin is not really told in this series, that happens later in the first self-titled X-23 series.  The FMV for a 9.8 is $1259 with a 7.0 coming in at $280.  

Another book to consider is NYX #4, Laura Kinney’s second appearance.  A 9.8 can be had for an FMV of $150, which is the only grade that is worth getting on this book.  

X-23 (Women of Marvel One-shot) (2010) had a print run of about 27,000 and is a strong possibility with a 9.8 at $210.  

Vengeance–the Daughter of Bane

ezgif-7-e6747c11be98-193x300 Investing in the Daughters of Marvel/DCVengeance debuted in Joker #2 (2021).  In the story, a woman is being injected with green Venom (the same Venom liquid that gave Bane his powers) at Santa Prisca (the “birthplace” of Bane).  Her enemy is the Joker who is directly is connected to the death of Bane.  Thus, the source of the name Vengeance and the daughter of Bane is introduced.   Vengeance is a new character with only a few appearances so far.

Joker #2 is currently $130 for a 9.8.  This is Vengeance’s first appearance. 

Another book to consider is the Hairsine 1:50 variant of Joker #2.   Prices for a 9.8 have ranged from $400 to $640.  

The Bottom Line

The pick for Duela Dent is Batman Family #6.  

Pluses: Her character has lots of upside potential.  Her storyline can and has gone in lots of directions.  Joker carries many, many fans.  

Minuses: It’s DC.  

The picks for Laura Kinney are NYX #3 and X-23 #1 (Women of Marvel One-Shot).  

Pluses: Though NXY#3 is huge and no secret, it still has room to grow.  X-23 #1 has a great cover and there is a great upside to the Woman of Marvel variants at a low price.  

Minuses: NXY #3 will probably stall some as the collecting bubble we are currently in deflates, and it is expensive.  X-23 #1–It hasn’t jumped up yet.  Still, I’d just get it.  

The pick for Vengeance: Joker #2 Hairline 1:50 variant.  

Pluses: Bane is a fan favorite and she is a new character with plenty of possibilities in her storyline.  This variant has gone multiples of ratio in value.  

Minuses: Bane books haven’t increased tremendously in value.  This is a long-shot pick.  It’s DC.  

“I’m the last person who gets to lecture anyone about obsessive revenge.”   X-23

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