Investing in Marvel Previews

by Matt Tuck

Marvel-Previews-95-192x300 Investing in Marvel PreviewsIt pays to collect those Marvel Previews catalogs. In some cases, the comic solicitations are worth more than the issues being advertised. What’s the deal?


These are not exactly comics. They are more or less catalogs produced by Diamond Comic Distributors soliciting the upcoming issues to local comic dealers. As the title suggests, these are comic previews, so naturally they would predate the actual issues. 

Does that make Marvel Previews the true first appearances? No, it does not. 

Solicitations are not comics, per se, thus they are not in-story appearances. Still, these are published firsts, so there is a reason collectors treasure them, and they can earn impressive figures. Some even rival the values of the actual comics being solicited. 

Check out these values.


When 2020 is over, it will go down as the year Miles Morales came into his own.

Since the summer, his key issues have been white-hot. Month after month, records have been set and immediately broken. With all the heat on Miles, collectors gravitated outside Ultimate Fallout #4 to pick up another Miles first. 

Most Previews issues tend to be the ones with major characters making their debuts on the covers. In 2011, Miles made his first cover appearance on Marvel Previews ahead of UF #4. With these in fewer quantities compared to UF #4, it goes without saying that prices would be outrageous, but no one could have predicted this much of an uptick. A 9.6 sold for $4,200 on November 23. The last recorded sale of a 9.8 was in May, and it brought $2,500 on that day. The lowest grade ever sold was an 8.0, which happened to sell for $449 on November 6.

What is surprising is that MP #95 has a higher fair market value than the standard copy of UF #4. Even at a 9.8, the standard edition’s respectable $991 90-day FMV does not compete with the 9.6 MP #95, which is impressive in itself. 

Marvel-Previews-64-197x300 Investing in Marvel Previews


Ever since rumors began circulating that Shuri would be the next onscreen Black Panther, her key issues have broken the market. Although it is not her first appearance, the first time she was seen wearing the Black Panther costume was on the cover of Marvel Previews #64.

While there are no graded sales on record, fans have flocked to eBay for the raw copies. Most have sold in the $75-$100 range, but the most recent sale was for $180 on November 28.



Marvel-Previews-16-197x300 Investing in Marvel PreviewsMARVEL PREVIEWS #16

For the Marvel Previews speculators, this is the issue to watch.

The Young Avengers are heavily rumored for the MCU by way of Disney+, and they made their first cover appearance in MP #16. At the moment, these are selling for about $50-$60, but a recent sale saw one copy rise to $85. Once the Young Avengers are cast for the screen, this issue will become much more collectible and easily surpass the $100 mark.



Marvel-Previews-2-194x300 Investing in Marvel PreviewsMARVEL PREVIEWS #2

Here is a good example of the value of a cover appearance.

Although X-23 made her official first appearance in Nyx #3, she was teased in the pages of Marvel Previews #2, but don’t expect to see those Miles Morales numbers here. Given that she is not on the cover, collectors have shied away from this one. There are no graded sales listed, nor are there any recent “raw” sales on eBay. If she had been on the cover, this would be a different tale.



Marvel-Now-Previews-2-195x300 Investing in Marvel PreviewsMARVEL NOW! PREVIEWS #2

Again, the values for this issue show how much emphasis is placed on the cover art. Ever since Kamala Khan’s live-action debut was confirmed, her first appearances have seen a tremendous spike.

Although she was featured in a solicitation in Marvel Now! Previews #2 prior to her comic debut, Kamala was not on the cover. While collectors are still seeking out this issue, it is staying in the much-more reasonable $10-$30 price range. 


Personally, I see Marvel Previews as a sign that modern collectors will collect pretty much anything. I am more of a traditionalist in this regard, so I would prefer to invest my money in the in-story appearances. Regardless, there is a budding market for these previews, and they are worth your attention.

FOOTER_Comic3-scaled Investing in Marvel Previews

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steven Centonzo December 15, 2020 - 7:17 am

I stupidly kept collecting them for years. I had two short boxes with them. Thought it was a waste but couldn’t bring myself to throw them out. I cashed in on the FOMO that’s out there. I sold the Miles Morales , raw on ebay for 480 bucks. then translated the $480 bucks into a silver age grail book…

Matt Tuck December 19, 2020 - 2:34 pm

Sounds like a win.

Dave Stevens December 15, 2020 - 12:54 pm

Being neither comics nor first appearances, these are fools’ gambits even disregarding how common they are. If you’re in get out now.

Andy Baer December 15, 2020 - 10:01 pm

Got to mention Marvel Age….especially #12!


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