Investing in Ignored Female Comic Book Characters

by Joseph Overaitis

harley Investing in Ignored Female Comic Book Characters Punchline.  Kamala Khan.  Harley Quinn.  Female comic characters that investors and collectors now adore.  While these characters draw great interest, there are other great female characters that many investors and collectors ignore. Be honest, do you know the significance of the following books just by looking at their covers?

Ignored Spider-Man Character?

mj-199x300 Investing in Ignored Female Comic Book CharactersMany readers are not aware of the full appearance contained inside Amazing Spider-Man #42 when you see just the cover.  The character was teased to readers for over a year.  In almost every movie, cartoon, and comic book her character is an important part of the narrative.  She is Mary Jane Watson.  Her first full appearance is finally revealed in this book in a dramatic fashion.  I was lucky to buy this book years ago at a shop because it was not getting the attention it deserved. Go Collect’s data reveals that this lack of attention continues today.

Early key Spider-Man books draw attention from collectors and investors.  I understand that she first appeared in a shadow-type cameo in an early issue, but the lack of interest in this book is shocking.  A 9.8 issue has an FMV of $5,750 at the time of this article.  Then you look at ASM #41 and see that the first appearance of the Rhino has an FMV of $28,000 for the very same condition.  This FMV even tops the first cameo appearance of MJ by close to $10,000!   I argue that MJ is more important to the Spider-Man legacy than Rhino will ever be.  This book thus is severely undervalued in my opinion.  If you see it, then buy it.  If you do, “face it tiger… you hit the jackpot!”

Forgotten DC Female Hero

black-204x300 Investing in Ignored Female Comic Book CharactersI want you to imagine you attend an auction full of educated investors and collectors.  You bid on a book that maybe two people in the whole room understand the significance of, even with smartphones. After a few bids, Blackhawk #133 is your book for a song.  A nice book that has the highest grade of 9.0 in the CGC census with an FMV of $3,600 at the time of this writing.  Not bad for a book from 1959.   That is because this book contains the first appearance of a character whose legacy is felt even now in the DC Comics Universe.

Did you guess why this book is important?  This issue has the first appearance of Zinda, aka Lady Blackhawk.  She was a character who exemplified the belief that women could do everything a man could do.  She was a pilot and soldier for the Blackhawks.  Later she became a pilot for Barbara Gordon and the Birds of Prey.  All these accomplishments in the DC universe and yet only 103 copies exist in the CGC census.  The prices for raw books far exceed GoCollect’s graded FMV prices.  All these positive attributes, and yet you find very few people who knew how important this book was by seeing its cover?  Do not be one of those people.

Secret Wars Secret

spider-201x300 Investing in Ignored Female Comic Book CharactersWhen you mention the book to buy from the Secret Wars mini-series everyone knows the answer.  Secret Wars #7.  Wait.  You assumed I was going to say Secret Wars #8? Secret Wars #8 almost always appears as a hot 100 Bronze Age book. There is no secret about that book.  The first appearance of Jessica Drew, the original Spider-woman,  and the first issue of her series, are also hot books.  Everyone is thinking the Spider-Verse and all spider characters are getting a push.  Every character except Julia Carpenter.

Julia Carpenter first appears in the shadows of Secret Wars #6.  Her first full appearance is in Secret Wars #7.  This issue is 36 years old.  Secret Wars #7 has roughly 1000 copies in the CGC census.  GoCollect has an FMV of $130 for a book graded at 9.8.  I want you to think about that fact. Variant copies released last week have prices higher than that value.  A first appearance of a Spider-Man-based character over 30 years old for less than $200 is a bargain.  She could appear in a future spider-verse film. Could she also be the Madame Web in a future film?

Everyone is buying Jessica Drew books because of the belief that Spider-Woman will be in a future film.   The sea is red with their purchases. Go to the blue ocean and buy this book.  The price is right, even if she does not appear in the film based upon her comic significance alone.  An appearance in a film could make this book explode.  Get in on it before others if you like to speculate.

Female Comic Characters’ Books Can Be Hot

Female comic characters are finally getting the attention they deserve.  Gone are the days when drawing them as hotties was the only way to draw collectors and investors to these books.  Great female comic book characters exist, but only a few draw interest from collectors and investors. If you look to books that are being forgotten, it can help you add key books to your investment and collection.

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steven Centonzo January 15, 2021 - 9:22 am

I’m waiting for a Netfilx show of Dakota North

Steven Moore January 15, 2021 - 9:40 am

ASM 42 is a MJ cameo. ASM 43 is the first full appearance of MJ. I think both are good buys, but ASM 43 might be even more undervalued that ASM 42. Thanks for a great article!

Joesph Overaitis January 15, 2021 - 4:01 pm


I have been told that investors qualify the hidden images as cameos. How would you qualify it then…first full cameo and the next issue her first full appearance? I am asking because it was a debate at a past auction. People are not using Overstreet as much so it is now up for debate and I was curious what you thought.

Dylan January 15, 2021 - 9:41 am

Excellent stuff!

Harry Stone III January 20, 2021 - 8:14 pm

Replace “Ignored Female Comic Book Characters” with “Ignored Black and Brown Comic Book Characters” and you’re saying the same thing I am about Miles, Luke Cage, etc. I think that metaphor works for what I’ve been failing to say in my essays LOL.

dave stevens January 21, 2021 - 2:49 am

I bought my (now gone) Blackhawk 133 for $4.05 (10% discount) and sold for $400. It’s a very nice key but extremely hard to find in decent shape…if at all. I didn’t overlook but I will never understand why the shop did…

Joesph Overaitis January 21, 2021 - 11:51 am


You are an astute hobbyist. Maybe the shop should have consulted you on this type of book. It amazes me how owners of LCS study less than some buyers. I guess that is one reason stores may fail.


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