Invest in These Two X-Men Keys

by Robert D'Ottavi

clean-300x180 Invest in These Two X-Men KeysJust last week, I wrote about Mister Sinister (a personal favorite villain of mine) and how I believe he will be the main antagonist for the first Marvel Studios X-Men film. While conducting research for that article, I came across some prices for two major X-Men keys, and to be completely honest with you, I was shocked by how achievable these keys seemed to be. So much so, that I would argue that you should invest in these two X-Men keys…

We are all well-aware that the X-Men are in the process of being rebooted into the grander MCU (much like Spider-Man was a few years ago). Unless you are a bitter, tired soul, this is exciting news for X-Fans. Not only will Marvel start promoting the characters again, but we will finally live to see Wolverine and Spider-Man in the same frame. It really is exciting. Of course, the X-Men are an esteemed comic book property, and as such, their key issues remain some of the rarest and sought after books on the market. However, much like Daredevil #1, these books are on a downturn.

clean-2-210x300 Invest in These Two X-Men Keys

Invest In These Two X-Men Keys


I first noticed this when Dark Phoenix came out, but two major X-Men keys (X-Men #1 and Incredible Hulk #181) are both a lot cheaper than I ever thought they would be. Of course, high grades are still ridiculous, but the lower, more affordable copies are, dare I say it, actually affordable? Just last month, a 3.5 graded copy of X-Men #1 sold for $4,800 (USD)For a second now, compare that to Tales of Suspense #39 (first appearance of Iron Man, MCU icon). On eBay, a 3.5 graded copy is selling for $6,270 (USD). Both books are the exact same grade, and from the exact same year (1963, a good year at Marvel if I say so myself). Now, why could this possibly be, you ask? Well, I look at the impact of Iron Man in the MCU. Since 2008, the character has exploded in pop culture. Because he has been the face of the MCU, his books have risen in popularity and price. I could see a similar rise for X-Men #1 once the characters are integrated into the MCU.

clean-1-200x300 Invest in These Two X-Men Keys

Moving over now to the second major key here, (Incredible Hulk #181) has massive potential. Being the first appearance of Wolverine, the book will explode the second the role is cast in the MCU. Since the character’s cinematic death in Logan, and the reboot announcement, the book has been on a downturn. However, Wolverine is still a popular character, and you would be foolish to think Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige are not aware of how popular he is. At the moment, a mid-grade (6.0) copy of the book is selling for $3,000 (USD). That is the lowest the book has been in recent memory, as you would expect. However, as I keep barking on about, the second the role is cast, or a movie/Disney+ show is announced, the book is set to skyrocket. If you are unsure about this, there are cheaper copies out there. For example, a 3.0 grade is selling for $1,900 (USD) on eBay, another affordable price for such a rich book.

In all honesty, these two books are keys for a reason. They feature the first appearances of so many important X-Men figures, and going forward in the MCU, I imagine these characters will have the limelight for years to come. As far as if I would invest in the books, I would, if the right offer came along.


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