Inside look into the Time Variance Authority

by Ariel Lazo

loki-tva-top-300x169 Inside look into the Time Variance AuthorityDisney Investor Day has dropped some major bombs into our laps. So many amazing movies and shows have been confirmed to be arriving very soon. Along with the news, we have seen some new trailers that have given us more questions than answers, one being the Loki trailer. Here we get introduced to the Time Variance Authority. Not many of us know who they are and their importance to the MCU. So let me be the one to introduce you to them and which key books to snag!

Who is the Time Variance Authority?

2020.02.04-06.09-boundingintocomics-5e390a851d8dd-300x160 Inside look into the Time Variance AuthorityThe Time Variance Authority (TVA) is an organization tasked with monitoring the timeline. They come from far into the future, out of the grasp of many of our heroes, and are lead by Mr. Alternity. The lead agent which we see, played by Owen Wilson, is Mr. Mobius M. Mobius. In essence, they are a group of people who decided to be Time Cops and keep the Marvel Universe timeline intact. If you are a Trekker (NOT Trekkie), they are similar to the Temporal Integrity Commission.

Although the TVA can discontinue any timeline they are not all-powerful. They have come to blows with Kang the Conqueror many times. (Maybe they might show up in Ant-Man?)  They operate from the Null-Time Zone Dimension, a place where time cannot be interfered with. An infinite number of Chronomonitors are used to watch every timeline in every dimension to make sure there are no issues.

However, when an issue arises, they step into action and arrest the time traveler who is distorting the timeline. Such people are Arno Stark, Clockwise, and Two-Gun Kid (later freed by She-Hulk). Once found guilty by trial, they are hit with a Retroactive Canon, or Ret Can, and deleted from all time. It’s like if they never existed in the first place. This is a play on the words Retcon which we all know comics LOVE to do.

Personally, I think the TVA will play a decent role in the MCU. They will make their first appearance in Loki but considering that we will also see Kang the Conqueror, I doubt it will be their last. They have also interacted with many of our favorite heroes including, She-Hulk, Thor, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men. So only time will tell how big they will be in the MCU.

Now for the key issues! Here are 3 keys you may want to grab before they are gone

thor372-196x300 Inside look into the Time Variance AuthorityThor #372

Thor #372 is the first appearance of the TVA in comics and the second appearance of Justice Peace. Thug Thatcher, who becomes Zaniac, has his eyes set on Jane Foster. Justice Peace who was first introduced in Thor #371, joins Thor in battling Zaniac. But it was too late, Jane was killed. But using some temporal enchantment from Mjolnir Thor was able to travel back in time a few moments before Thug becomes Zaniac and finish him off.  Currently, a 9.8 has a value of $160. However, a 9.6 just recently sold on 12/11/20 for $69.99 and another a few days prior for $99. Keep an eye out to see if the values rise.

Fantastic Four #353148228_bfebac418d604fe9599ee9165427e510e10abdf8-194x300 Inside look into the Time Variance Authority

Here, in Fantastic Four #353, we meet Owen Wilson’s character for the first time, Mr. Mobius M. Mobius. He is known as the chairman of the TVA. The prior issue has a Mobius clone in a panel but his name is not given. We also get introduced to the Chronomonitors in this issue. This is the issue where Justice Peace captures the Fantastic Four for crimes against synchronicity. I’d go into further detail but this is an action-packed issue with the Fantastic Four destroying desks and Ben getting an offer of a lifetime. A 9.8 sold in October for $90 while one sold in September for $65.

163640_9aea76f84e247f56aa3b81cd0e2607949f2e9e25-196x300 Inside look into the Time Variance AuthorityFantastic Four Annual #27

Fantastic Four Annual #27 is the first partial team appearance of the TVA: Mr. Alternity, Mr. Tesseract, Justice Might, Justice Truth, and Justice Liberty. This is the time that Ant-Man was also part of Marvel’s first family. He assists when the TVA transports the team to a Null-void cell. This story pretty much continues off Fantastic Four #353 in relation to the data that the team stole from TVA while destroying desks and computers. But I think this is an issue to definitely snatch up since we get to meet a good portion of the TVA. Currently, there is no sales data for this book. I say take a look around the web and try and snatch one up quick. Might be able to get it for a cheap price.

Bottom Line

In my opinion, the TVA will have a decent presence in the MCU and these books will heat up if they are announced in another movie. If so get them while you can now. Even if it is to flip them down the line you want to buy low and sell high. Remember you catch the wave before it forms not at the crest.

Do you have any of these books? If so which ones? Let me know below what you have and think of this article!

Till Next Time, Happy Hunting!

FOOTER_Game3-1 Inside look into the Time Variance Authority

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