Incredible Hulk #108 Brings The Hulk’s Friends To Blows!

by Jeff

Hulk has returned to Earth for “World War Hulk” and now he must deal with his best friend Rick Jones—but where does Rick stand? Is he with the Hulk or has he joined with those who oppose the Green Goliath? These answers and more come in the all new Incredible Hulk #108, which will feature a different story than solicited, allowing for the previous story to now appear in Incredible Hulk #109. No one in the universe knows Hulk better than Rick Jones, who’s stood by the savage beast through the good and the bad, no one except…Miek The Unhived? As Hulk’s oldest friend on Earth meets with Hulk’s first ally on the alien planet Sakaar, fans will get a look into the mind of the one man to not only fight alongside Hulk, but to also suffer with him—Rick Jones!

IncHulk108 Incredible Hulk #108 Brings The Hulk's Friends To Blows!
Incredible Hulk #108

Written by Greg Pak, the man behind the best selling Planet Hulk, and featuring pencils by fan favorite Leonard Kirk, fresh off Agents Of ATLAS, this clash of worldviews will leave Rick and Miek very different people…if either friend of the Hulk survives! And how does this affect the Hulk? You’ll have to tune into Incredible Hulk #108 to find out!

Written by GREG PAK
Cover by GREG LAND
Rated A …$2.99
FOC—7/5/07, On Sale—7/25/07

For a larger version of the cover,
IncHulk108 Incredible Hulk #108 Brings The Hulk's Friends To Blows!

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