In Search of a Mastermind: Doctor Doom

by Norman Robinson III

image-asset-300x169 In Search of a Mastermind: Doctor DoomEveryone loves to read a comic where the villain has Machiavellian plans to destroy the hero. We refer to these villains as masterminds, a type of villain rarely satisfied with a duke it out approach. These arch-criminals deserve their time under the speculative lamp. Certainly of all the villains in Marvel, none are greater masterminds than Doctor Doom, save perhaps the Kingpin. Obviously, both these mustache-twirling villains have had screen time.

Doctor Doom might appear in the future in either Black Panther 2, or as an antagonist in a possible Sub-Mariner movie (if there ever is one). Both are preferable to another bad version of the FF on the big screen. With summer’s movies thrown off-kilter by the effects of Covid-19 on society and the economy; it is difficult to know when we will see Doctor Doom strut onto the stage. However, if we get a reprieve and this crisis only lasts till summer (here is hoping and praying) then perhaps the Black Panther 2 will still come out in two years in 2022. It could really sell quite a few boxes of popcorn if they deign to put Doctor Doom in the movie. Can this mastermind of Latveria plot, collude, and coalesce into solid speculation returns in 2020 and beyond?



Fantastic Four #5115960_c06e886fc291591c52c26c3380b69adf2e26c916-202x300 In Search of a Mastermind: Doctor Doom

The uber-villain of the Marvel Universe is none other than Doctor Doom. After all, who do you think Darth Vader was patterned after? Certainly, not one of the Muppets, he has mystic powers, the near intellect of Reed Richards and wears a suit that rivals Iron Man’s armor. Doctor Doom more than any other villain is the most utilitarian. He can fight and outthink most opponents. He navigates any setting from dealing with Dracula to fighting the Fantastic Four or stealing power from the Silver Surfer. Doctor Doom first appeared in Fantastic Four #5 in 1962. He was created by Stan Lee (script) and Jack Kirby (pencils). Can this tinpot dictator force blast his way into speculative profit?



Short-Term (3-Months)

Title Grade CGC or Raw Cost Return
Fantastic Four #5 4.5 CGC $4,000 +6.1%
2.0 CGC $2,500 +14.9%

doctor-doom-1-300x120 In Search of a Mastermind: Doctor DoomSo obviously the most iconic villain in Marvel is solid short-term speculation. The numbers above are staggering considering the cost of even low-grade books. Are the last 3 years of return rates as good for this metal manipulator; this master of the mega plot?




Long-Term (3-Years)

Title Grade CGC or Raw Cost Return
Fantastic Four #5 9.0 CGC $28,500 -10.3%
7.0 CGC $8,100 +23%
4.5 CGC $4,000 +50%

doctor-doom-loss-300x150 In Search of a Mastermind: Doctor DoomConclusion

This is just proof that classic, Silver Age keys seem to be able to weather most economic storms with minimal impact. Further, Fantastic Four #5  has had +50% returns making the purchase of even a grade 4.5 pay off. For example: whoever invested in 2017 about $2,800 for this grade 4.5, has had a return of roughly $1,200-$1,400 (mas-o-menos) in three years. That is a great return any way you cut it, my little specu-dictator.

Three months, three years, or three decades and you see the same kind of Silver Age Teflon investment virility. Truly great news for any would-be tinpot speculator. Furthermore, in these uncertain times, it is nice to know the big keys of the Silver Age can stand up to the “Doom” of our time.


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