Imaginova Purchases

by Jeff and report today that Imaginova, “a digital media company,” has purchased The president of Imaginova advised “Newsarama is the entertainment representation of our audience.” Their audience appears to be mostly men in the 18-34 age range. The new owners say they plan to have Newsarama expand into more coverage of TV and movies.

Both sources state Michael Doran and Matt Brady will remain at Newsrama. It’s been remarkable for me to see Newsarama, which once was a single column by Michael here at, grow from its humble beginnings and now merge with such a media giant. Congratulations to Michael, Matt, and all involved! What I posted on the ComicList site many years ago still rings true:

The CBI NEWSARAMA, which was previously posted here every Tuesday morning, is no longer available here. HOWEVER, Michael has asked me to maintain a link to the NEW home for the CBI NEWSARAMA, which can be now found at the Mania web site at You can continue to find out when a new column has been posted by checking out my home page.

Of course, I wish Michael all the best. He deserves the success he has achieved with his column, and I know there will be even greater achievements in his future. I also thank him for choosing my site as a home for the NEWSARAMA while the details were ironed out with American Entertainment.

Of course, if I had known Newsarama would become so popular that I stood no chance of ever winning a Squiddy again… 🙂

UPDATE: has a quote from Michael Doran:

“Matt and I are extremely proud of the vibrant community we have built with Newsarama,” says Newsarama founder, Doran. “We are looking forward to working with the talented staff at Imaginova to grow our site and offer new features.”

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