Image releases correction to IMAGE+ JOOK JOINT information

by Jeff

JOOKJOINT_001_cov_(1) Image releases correction to IMAGE+ JOOK JOINT informationMedia Release — In a previous Issue of Image+—Vol. 2 Issue #7—the entry about Tee Franklin’s announcement at Image Expo incorrectly lists JOOK JOINT as a sequel to BINGO LOVE. JOOK JOINT is a separate, unrelated project written by Tee Franklin and co-created with a different artist. The intent behind mentioning BINGO LOVE in the piece was to highlight her recently praised work leading into Image Expo.

The corrected entry reads as follows:

Fresh off the buzz for BINGO LOVE’s release on Valentine’s Day, Franklin took to the stage to announce a new project with Image Comics—JOOK JOINT.

JOOK JOINT is a 5-issue time-period horror miniseries about a brothel/jazz club exposing the social evils of racism, rape, domestic violence, and inequality. Because of its subject matter, JOOK JOINT is set to launch in October 2018, in time for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The JOOK JOINT creative team will work with Image Comics on coordinating special charity variants to benefit Joyful Heart, a non-profit founded by Mariska Hargitay which places focus on healing, education and advocacy.

“As a domestic violence survivor, this is a story I’ve been working on for years. It’s been extremely cathartic and therapeutic. It was important for me to have an artist who understood what JOOK JOINT meant to me, before inviting them to embark on this journey with me,” said Franklin. “I appreciate that Image Comics has allowed me to tackle this subject matter, in addition to working with us on charity variants for Mariska Hargitay’s Joyful Heart foundation. I now have an opportunity to use my talents to help survivors like myself. People have helped me when I was going through a rough time in my life and now I want to give back.”

JOOKJOINT_001_cov_(1) Image releases correction to IMAGE+ JOOK JOINT information

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