IMAGE DIRECT partners with DCBS to offer subscriptions and merchandise

by Jeff

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In celebration of this new partnership with DCBS, Image Direct is offering 30% off and free shipping to new subscribers.

“DCBS has long been one of our most supportive accounts and we’re so excited to be able to partner with them and expand the reach of Image Direct,” said Corey Murphy, Director of Sales at Image Comics. “Retailers are the backbone to this industry, but unfortunately many of our fans do not live in areas close by a local comic shop. We hope through DCBS and Image Direct we can fix that and widen the audience for creator-owned comics and merchandise.”

DCBS is the largest online comic book distribution retailer in the United States and is one of the largest accounts with Diamond Comics Distributors both domestically and abroad.

DCBS Co-owner, Christina Merkler added: “We are thrilled to partner with Image Comics in fulfilling their subscriptions and furthering readership in the industry. Image provides a line of diverse and innovative products that showcase the best of creative talent in comics and we look forward to furthering their overall exposure.

Customers interested in purchasing Image Comics merchandise such as T-shirts, tote bags, sweatshirts, and more are now able to via the Image Direct online storefront here.

Fans unable to make it to a nearby local comic shop can subscribe to Image Direct and receive the latest print issue of each of their favorite Image Comics series, delivered directly to their door.

Image Direct allows subscribing readers to receive the latest issues of over 35 titles, including THE WALKING DEAD, SAGA, OUTCAST BY KIRKMAN & AZACETA, BITCH PLANET, MONSTRESS, THE FADE OUT, DESCENDER, THE WICKED + THE DIVINE, SEX CRIMINALS, WYTCHES, BLACK SCIENCE, TOKYO GHOST, RAT QUEENS and more, immediately upon release.

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