I’m Pickle Rick!!!

by Michael Vlachakis

665012_bb16b9bac9c1f59d91f50dde43510d0f2564092c-195x300 I'm Pickle Rick!!!

There seem to be two types of people in the world nowadays…people who love Rick and Morty and people who I don’t want to associate with anymore.  Rick and Morty is amazing!  It is a funny, clever, spastic, and intelligent show with an infinite universe of jokes and wacky characters.  As the show’s popularity grows, will the Rick and Morty comic prices portal to a universe of high returns?

At first glance, Rick and Morty seems like an 8-bit version of Back to the Future, and in many ways it is.  Rick Sanchez is a cracked-up version of Doc Brown, who instead of taking Marty through adventures in time, Rick takes his grandson Morty through adventures in unlimited timelines of possibilities.  Their adventures range from the mundane to world-ending, yet each episode shares a scientific and thought-inducing plot.

The first comic with the duo, Rick and Morty #1, was released by Oni Press Comics in 2015.  As a relatively new comic on the market, it has a fairly exorbitant price point in relation to many comics from the same time period.  9.8 graded copies show a Fair Market Value (FMV) of $725 and copies are currently listing at or above $800.   Earlier this summer, Adult Swim announced that it would renew Rick and Morty for an astounding 7 more seasons going forward.  That type of longevity means more fans over a prolonged period, fans who may want to own a Rick and Morty #1 comic the more they grow to love the show.  Rick and Morty is still a bit of a niche but is definitely a growing cult movement.  Even at the higher price, copies of Rick and Morty #1 are trending upward at 2.3% and still continue to move on the market.

There are several print runs if you are looking for a lower priced version.  A 9.8 graded copy of the 4th Print with the Mr. Poopybutthole cover is going for around $200 and features a great character addition to the original cover that will please any fan and therefore should help resale value grow.  There is also the uber expensive Roiland Incentive variant, the Nerd Block variant, Ryan variant, variant, variant, blah blah blah blah.  There are tons of variants, which again indicates good possible returns for the real first print copy.

In general, Rick and Morty has also flooded the market.  We have seen Rick and Morty Presents the Vindicators #1 which gave us Million Ants,Crocubot, and the team in their first comic offering.  There was also the release of Rick and Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It #1.  These lower price point comics have recently flooded the market to some gains as collectors look to score the next big book, but they have also overshadowed the higher priced and rarer books like the Rick and Morty #1.  The pendulum should swing back as fans work their way up the collecting ladder and hope to earn a big win with the higher priced and rarer collectible comics.

What is your favorite Rick and Morty episode?  Do you feel that new comics are too saturated with variant covers, first issues, etc.?  How dope is Pickle Rick!!!? Drop your comments and join in the conversation.

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