IDW reveals the origins of THE CAPE in new miniseries

by Jeff

Cape_cover_dogtag_color IDW reveals the origins of THE CAPE in new miniseriesMedia Release — When a medevac helicopter is shot down over enemy territory against the raging, chilling backdrop of the Vietnam War, a crew of American soldiers must battle strange terrain and the cunning, native Vietcong for survival. As hours pass without hope for a rescue, both sides discover something more terrifying and deadly yet.

Featuring a story by original Cape creators Joe Hill and Jason Ciaramella and art and colors by The Cape colorist/Road Rage artist Nelson Daniel, The Cape: 1969 is the origin of darkly thrilling, Eisner-nominated miniseries.

“The Cape is one of my favorite miniseries we’ve ever published, and certainly one of the darkest,” said Chris Ryall, IDW’ Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief. “And it’s one I’m all too happy to revisit here, especially since this series is such an original extension of the storyline and not just re-treading what you’ve already seen. Also, I want to see what levels of depravity the characters—and the creators—sink to this time around.”

Original series artist Zach Howard will also return to provide covers for the series and contribute some special images to the interiors as well.

“Seeing the first mini-series for THE CAPE come together was electrifying: Jason Ciaramella, Zach Howard, and Nelson Daniel cooked up something wonderfully weird and nasty and surprising, a dark and powerful character story,” said Hill. “Also, they allowed a flying psycho to drop a baby grizzly bear on some cops. So that was awesome.”

“In that first run, the team explored what would happen if an incredible power fell into the hands of a sociopath,” Hill continued. “In this new one, Jason and Nelson join forces to reveal the dark origin of that power. I can’t wait.”

When desperate soldiers are pushed to their limits, what malevolent forces will come to the surface?

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