IDW Introduces New Classics Of The Fantastic Series NIGHTWINGS

by Jeff

(San Diego, August 27) IDW Publishing sets its gaze skyward with Nightwings, the first installment of the company’s new science fiction series, New Classics of the Fantastic.

In the Hugo Award-winning Nightwings, Earth’s long descent into hopelessness and despair created a civilization divided into guilds. One such guild is the Watchers, charged with keeping vigilant watch over the heavens against the alien invasion prophecy has long expected. But in a moment of weakness one skeptical Watcher is distracted… and the attack begins!

Spared from destruction during the fateful invasion, the Watcher soon travels from the ancient city of “Roum” to find shelter in the other once-great cities of man. Along the way he uncovers the invader’s true intentions, how they are related to the downfall of mankind, and that release from these captors will come in the most unexpected form of all.

Nightwings IDW Introduces New Classics Of The Fantastic Series NIGHTWINGS

Series editor Clifford Meth says, “New Classics of the Fantastic will be an essential science fiction library. It will bring back Hugo and Nebula Award winning books that have fallen out of print. Sadly, most award-winning genre titles don’t last long on the shelves—that’s a function of space, not quality. So IDW has assembled a list of extraordinary books—titles that represent the very best selections of the very best authors in science fiction. Robert Silverberg’s Nightwings is a genuine must-read for science-fiction fans.”

Nightwings features an introduction from author Robert Silverberg, as well as a gorgeous cover by acclaimed painter Michael Parkes, and is edited by Clifford Meth.

TPB • B&W • 232 pages • 5 3/8” x 8 1/4” • $14.99 • ISBN: 978-1-60010-200-4

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