IDW Digital Update: What’s Better than Free?

by Jeff

01_DG_small IDW Digital Update: What's Better than Free?Media Release — This has been another exciting few weeks for IDW digital, between nearly a dozen new iTunes apps, plus the Sony announcement of Digital Comics on the new PSP!

This week it’s all about FREE! Try out the first issue of the following great series – Sci-Fi Craziness with Groom Lake, the classic Danger Girl, and TV favorite CSI! All available now in the App Store! Click “Read More” for all the details on these great free apps!

IDW’s digital comics are available through the iTunes store for iPhones and iPod Touchs. Each comic features panel-by-panel viewing, easy to use controls, such as “swipe” navigation, and a convenient table of contents function.

aug090964 IDW Digital Update: What's Better than Free?Groom Lake
Written by Chris Ryall
Art by Ben Templesmith
Lettered by Robbie Robbins

Groom Lake #1 – FREE
The truth is out… er, under there? In the remote Nevada desert there sits a dry lakebed called Groom Lake, and under that land resides a secret base that holds all the secrets of the world. Not this world, either. Writer Chris Ryall and artist Ben Templesmith present a four-part tale of abductions and probings, conspiracies and secrets. And the key to it all is held in the grey, six-fingered hand of Archibald.

Groom Lake #2
It all started with an explosion—that’s what brought young Karl Bauer into a global, possibly galaxies-wide, conspiracy. Trapped under Groom Lake, Bauer is introduced to a second Manhattan Project, this one consisting of unpredictable alien races and devious, deceptive humans.

Groom Lake #3
A grey alien, a lethal robot, a pair of homicidal blobs, and a pair of extra (-special) terrestrials make up the oddest team in this galaxy. And when a rogue agent orders the entire alien program shut down, they just might be the only chance our planet has. If only they weren’t also the biggest threat we’ve ever faced…

Groom Lake #4
Project: Black Book has been activated and is determined to fulfill their slash-and-burn mission… even if that job requires erasing Karl Bauer and his ragtag group of escapees from existence. Unless the impending alien invasion gets there first in this explosive, corrosive concluding issue.

Danger Girl
Story by J. Scott Campbell & Andy Hartnell
Art by J. Scott Campbell
Inks by Alex Garner
Lettered by Comicraft
Edited by Scott Dunbier
Danger Girl created by Campbell & Hartnell

Danger Girl #0 – FREE
With a distinct balance of action, humor and suspense, not to mention sexy girls, Danger Girl is a unique take on the spy genre. Join Abbey Chase and the rest of the Danger Girls as they battle the Hammer Syndicate, a nefarious organization Hell-bent on world domination. It’s a rollicking, high-flying adventure, and one you do not want to miss!

Danger Girl #1
J. Scott Campbell’s Danger Girl is at full throttle as we dive head first (literally) into the series’ premiere issue!

Abbey Chase, renowned adventurer and antiquities expert, finds herself in a desperate life-and-death struggle after she tries to recover a stolen ancient relic. Things go from bad to worse for Abbey, and she appears to be sailing towards her apparent doom… until she is rescued at the last possible nail-biting moment. Soon, safely ensconced, Abbey is introduced to a remarkable group of secret agents who want her to join their ranks—and become a Danger Girl!

jan083721f IDW Digital Update: What's Better than Free?CSI: Bad Rap
Written by Max Allan Collins
Art by Gabriel Rodriguez, Ashley Wood

A duel between retro-punk rappers from the white-hot music scene in Las Vegas ends with one of them murdered. The problem for Gil Grissom and his team of crime scene investigators isn’t a lack of suspects, it’s too many—each with his or her own reason to want Busta Kapp dead. But when the suspects start becoming murder victims themselves, Grissom knows he’s got to solve this case in a hurry … before the victim list goes off the charts!

CSI: Bad Rap #1 – FREE

CSI: Bad Rap #2

CSI: Bad Rap #3

CSI: Bad Rap #4

CSI: Bad Rap #5

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