IDW Apps for Your New iPhone or iPod touch

by Jeff

IDWstorefront IDW Apps for Your New iPhone or iPod touchMedia Release — Santa brought you an iPhone or iPod touch? You love comics, but don’t know which apps to get? Never fear! With IDW’s Store front apps, you can have our entire catalog all in one place!

Just in time for the holidays, IDW now offers a two different ways to experience our comics on your iPhone. First, we have hundreds of comics available as individual apps, all available by searching “IDW” in the App Store. Secondly, you can now download a new free app, that will let you store all of your comics within one app. Fans can choose of any of our four free apps, and each app comes of some free comics to get you started. Keep reading for a description and links to each app.

IDW Comics

Our new IDW Comics app puts the complete IDW digital library in your pocket.
One of the most diverse collections in comics, all in one app. Horror, movies, sci-fi, heroes, villains, action, adventure, classic comics and more. Only from IDW Publishing, the leader in digital comics.

10 free books included. Over 200 books in the library, and that’s just to start!

The IDW app offers big names from film and TV like TRANSFORMERS, G.I. JOE, Star Trek, Astro Boy and CSI; award winning creator-driven comics like Locke & Key, Wormwood, and The Dreamer; classic comics from the ’70s and ’80s including Jon Sable Freelance and GrimJack; Web comics like Dreamland Chronicles; and even comic strips such as Bloom County and Family Circus.

In the spirit of the holidays, IDW is proud to offer Ghostbusters: Past, Present and Future! In this special Ghostbusters comic everyone’s favorite spirit hunters are hired by the grumpiest man in New York City to capture the three ghosts that haunt him every Christmas Eve.

Transformers Comics

For TRANSFORMERS fans young and old, this app has it all! From free comics to get you started to IDW’s comic continuity, don’t miss All Hail Megatron. The DECEPTICONS have won, the AUTOBOTS are defeated, and the time for conquest is at hand! Or is it? This all-new series written by Shane McCarthy and featuring art by Guido Guidi picks up one year after the Revelations saga, and finds the DECEPTICONS alone and triumphant on Earth, with not an AUTOBOT in sight. With no one to stand in their way, how will the planet survive? And what of the missing AUTOBOTS? The biggest, most epic TRANSFORMERS storyline ever starts here!

For younger fans and parents that want to share your iPhone or iPod touch with your kids, take note! The TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED series head writer Marty Isenberg, along with artist Dario Brizuela take a brand new look at the story behind the AUTOBOTS’ arrival on Earth. You’ve seen the Transformers Animated movie, but do you know the whole story? You will… as ULTRA MAGNUS, SENTINEL PRIME, STARSCREAM, BLACKARACHNIA, and many more tell their sides of the story that started it all!

Star Trek Comics

For fans of the summer blockbuster movie, check out the four issue Nero series, telling the story of Federation’s newest enemy! Plus free comics from more of IDW’s Star Trek series.

For fans of the classic first TV series, check out Mirror Images, written by Scott & David Tipton, masterminds behind the celebrated Klingons: Blood Will Tell miniseries. In their new series, the Tiptons beam through the looking glass to deliver a story from one of the most popular corners of Star Trek canon, the Mirror Universe! In the “Mirror, Mirror” episode from The Original Series, an evil Kirk commanded the I.S.S. Enterprise for the Terran Empire. But how did he rise to power, in a universe where treachery is rewarded as much as accomplishment? Witness Mirror-Kirk’s plot to unseat Captain Pike and seize command! With art by Klingons collaborator David Messina and a special alternate cover from fan-favorite Joe Corroney.

GI JOE Comics

For all of you long time G.I. JOE fans, IDW presents free comics to launch your digital collection! Plus, dont’ miss the original faithfully reproduced 80s series! In the explosive first issue, Cobra Command manages to abduct Dr. Adele Burkhart, a controversial scientist privy to pivotal secrets that could spell doom for America! It’s up to G.I. JOE to infiltrate Cobra’s island base and rescue Dr. Burkhart before it is too late. Will they make it in time or will Cobra succeed? Find out in the issue that started it all!

Then, to jump on for the new IDW JOE universe, start with G.I. JOE #1 — A new beginning and a new world of threats for the fighting men and women of the elite military force known as G.I. JOE! Freedom’s last hope and the first-to-fight in battle with a hidden enemy and a secret war that’s already won. The world’s terror underworld whispers of Cobra. Who or what is Cobra and what can the Joes do to stop an enemy they can’t identify or find. Think you know Joe? Think again.

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