IDW Announces Frankenstein Mobster

by Jeff

AUG090954 IDW Announces Frankenstein MobsterMedia Release — Coming this October, IDW unleashes a terrifying monster into the published world with Frankenstein Mobster. This acclaimed comic tells the story of a good cop who, after his death, is transformed by a mad scientist into a made monster!

Stitched together from the bodies of three mobsters, Frankenstein Mobster now stalks the streets of Monstros City, fighting for inner control against the mobsters’ evil souls in a conflict that could take this corrupt, haunted city and dump it deeper into hell.

This massive tome, written and illustrated by Mark Wheatley, includes additional art and comics, new story pages, and detailed behind-the-scenes information, plus deviant art by Adam Hughes, Mike Wieringo, George Freeman, Mike Oeming, Scott Morse, Angelo Torres, Alex Nino, and Bernie Wrightson.

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