I am Galactus…Devourer of Worlds

by Ariel Lazo

Galactus_2018-200x300 I am Galactus…Devourer of WorldsWith Thanos done with, there is only one other logical baddie that can rock the MCU down to its core, Galactus. Even the Phalanx in Hickman’s new run are scared of this giant. He is the Devourer of Worlds and the only one of his people to survive the entire destruction of his universe and he is coming back to the MCU!







fantastic_four_48-201x300 I am Galactus…Devourer of WorldsFantastic Four #48/ Fantastic Four #49fantastic_four_49-200x300 I am Galactus…Devourer of Worlds

The first cameo and full appearance of Galan, the man who would become Galactus. While escaping the implosion of his home world, Galan merged with the Sentience of the Universe, thus becoming the world-eating Galactus. Well, he did also gestate in an egg made from the pieces of his broken ship for millions of years, Why? I don’t know, but at that time we all just went with it. These books have been rising in value for years and will continue to grow well after we see the big man himself in a movie, which from what the rumor mills are saying, will be soon. Bringing Galactus into the MCU would be a great way to combine and bring in other heroes and villains!


bgalactus_the_origin_1_super_villain_classics-194x300 I am Galactus…Devourer of WorldsSuper Villain Classics #1

Although this isn’t his first origin story in comics, it is a collection of his origins from multiple sources. Not an expensive key book in the least, but with other books costing about a small KIA, this is one to grab. Last month saw a graded 9.8 being sold for $200 while last year around the same time, it sold for about $40-$50. As you see, this book is heating up little by little and once he is being shown in all his glory, it might end up out of reach.




Darkseid Vs Galactus: The Hungerbdarkseid_galactus_1-300x230 I am Galactus…Devourer of Worlds

This is the first cross-over of the battle between two titans, Darkseid Vs Galactus. Now, I don’t know if you remember being a kid and first seeing this epic battle, but it must have been an epic New Comic Book Day that day! In case you want to read this *SPOILER ALERT* Darkseid, even with his Omega Beams is unable to topple Galactus, but due to Apokolips having no life-giving energies, Galactus does not consume it. But seeing him knock out Darkseid with one hit is beautiful! Sales for this at a 9.8 hit about $100 last month, but 10 days before that sold for about $20. DO NOT spend more than you have for this book, but DO get it!


760486_doctor-strange-13-192x300 I am Galactus…Devourer of WorldsDoctor Strange #13 / Doctor Strange #14760493_doctor-strange-14-195x300 I am Galactus…Devourer of Worlds

Once Galactus gets his feet settled in the MCU swimming pool, this would be a great arc to see on the big screen, plus who knows with Feige where things will go. Here are the two issues where Doctor Strange briefly becomes one of the Heralds of Galactus and Galactus bonds with Strange’s enemy, Dormammu. We thought Dormammu was bad-ass in the Doctor Strange movie, but now he and Galactus are bonded??? This is a villain like we have never seen! These came out earlier this year, which means you can probably still get it at cover price, which just for the covers might be worth it. Will these see any rise in the future? I doubt it but the ones above definitely will.


The Devourer of Worlds will be making his reintroduction to the big screen in due time, but don’t be left behind and grab these keys ASAP!


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Batman October 20, 2019 - 9:25 am

Super villain classics has a rare Canadian Price Variant. That is where the real appreciation in value will come from. Hope the writers at Gocollect start writing a little more about this space. You guys started already which is great but some of you don’t seem to be aware of them.

Ariel Lazo October 27, 2019 - 9:02 am

That does sound like a great post to work on! Let me see what I can put together. If you have any information that you would like to see please let me know. Thank you!


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