Hulk #9 REVIEW

by Jeff
geekgoggle Hulk #9 REVIEW

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Hulk #9
Marvel Comics
Loeb, Adams & Cho

Red Hulk gets away and so does the Green Hulk. Both arcs wrap up and both give decent stories but still there are questions that need to be answered (eventually). Red Hulk’s personality is starting to grow on me a little, which helped me to like this a bit more, but I’m not sure which Hulk I’d rather follow at this point. I would think that probably isn’t a good thing. It’s a good issue but far from great issue.

OCT082409D Hulk #9 REVIEW

The first story takes Green Hulk to new depths (or lows depending on your opinion) as he morphs into a Wendigo-Hulk. Apparently the Wendigo population is a knock off of zombies. They breed by biting people (or Hulks) and infecting them. Ms Marvel calls in some more help in pops the D-lister Brother Voodoo. He uses his magic to help a Hulk (and the people out) and all is solved. Banner walks away from the fray. What irks me here is the lack of people that want to follow him, but more on that later.

Red Hulk continues to pound on the Marvel Universe’s ladies. The sequence provides some funny one-liners from Red Hulk and he eventually finds himself in some trouble with the ladies. He plays an interesting trick on them and eventually isolates one of the ladies and propositions that person with a side deal. Red Hulk gets away and it appears he has a new ally that is hiding among the regular Marvel Universe. It’s a good story with a big battle but it ends with a very interesting twist.

The art covers an awful lot of characters in this comic and it does it well. Perhaps the best part of the art is the handling of the Wendigos. There are so many of these things and they all have plenty of detail and all appear to be unique. I also liked the transformation of the Wendi-Hulk into Banner. The whole issue really pulls out all the stops with the art.

The story’s main problem (for both halves) is the fact that both Hulks aren’t fully pursued. It seems Red Hulk is being confronted because She-Hulk was schooled by him and Green Hulk is only met with mild resistance and it seems to have occurred by chance. Wouldn’t you think at this point that both Hulks are heavily wanted men?

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that we wont find out the identity of Red Hulk for a long, long time. I’m at peace with this as he seems to have a personality that makes sense now. However, I would like to see Banner have someone, somewhere hot on his tail. World War Hulk seems to have been for nothing if he is simply allowed to walk around alone at this point.

The issue has some fun points and wraps up both stories to satisfactory conclusions. I think this title’s long-term prognosis is fuzzy at best. I mean, how many more characters are there for them to fight? I guess for now just sit back and enjoy the battles.

3 out of 5 geek goggles

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