Hulk #6 REVIEW

by Jeff
geekgoggle Hulk #6 REVIEW

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Hulk #6
Marvel Comics
Loeb, McGuinness, Vines & Keith

Hope for this title arrives with this issue. For one, the opening arc seems to end. We get some closure on the red Hulk, but not necessarily his identity. We get some character interaction and another large dose of action. This issue is far from perfect, but it is an improvement and provides an enjoyable read.

jul082283a Hulk #6 REVIEW

The issue opens with Hulk getting some potential allies approaching him in the form of Iron Man, Ares, She-Hulk and others. Hulk talks it over with them and opts to follow red Hulk seemingly alone. The others remain behind to assist the people of San Francisco with the damage left behind from the previous red Hulk fights.

Hulk finds red Hulk and they battle. They talk and this provides some actual character development for the now dumb, Hulk, as well as the red Hulk. Thor returns and is pissed. He takes it out on red Hulk. I found this part to be refreshing because I felt Thor was so poorly used in the last issue. He’s more in character here and the entire scene makes sense and is rather entertaining.

Hulk, proving he isn’t a complete idiot, talks things over with Rick aka A-Bomb and decides that the red Hulk has a weakness in that he gets very hot when he gets mad. Although Thor has red Hulk beaten, Hulk intervenes and uses his knowledge to show red Hulk who the boss really is.

The ending provides a strange alliance and a revelation about the red Hulk. Also there may be a question mark about what happens to a certain sidekick.

A good issue. It’s not great, but it’s good. It’s a little annoying that we still don’t know who red Hulk is. It’s also annoying that we don’t know how or why Hulk is mostly a moron now. But for the most part this issue delivers a solid story with action and some good character development.

I did struggle with some of the dialogue though. Particularly, the second round between Hulk and red Hulk. It almost seemed liked red Hulk was getting dumber as he fought which is fine, except it felt like his dialogue boxes were meant for Hulk.

The artwork lacks backgrounds again, but this time it contains some interesting still shots to prove out that it isn’t only at its peak when there is immense action. I also liked that the close ups of Hulk made him appear more intelligent than his lines made him sound. Rest assured the comic has plenty of splash pages to highlight the fighting.

I’m happy with this issue and I would think most Hulk fans would be as well. This isn’t Planet Hulk and he’s not coming back. So if this is the new level that we have to deal with to get a Hulk fix I can live with this.

3 out of 5 geek goggles

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