Hulk #10 REVIEW

by Jeff
geekgoggle Hulk #10 REVIEW

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Hulk #10
Marvel Comics
Loeb, McGuinness & Vines

By now it’s well established that this book is not something to be studied and dissected like an Ed Brubaker Criminal series. No, this series doesn’t pretend to be deep or introspective or even mysterious. It leaves plenty of holes in the greater Hulk continuity and seems to be rocketing towards not really making a dent in any questions a reader might have about how Hulk got from World War Hulk to here. However, with this knowledge in tow, and accepted, this issue is something that is entertaining and fun.

dec082373 Hulk #10 REVIEW

The premise, while not clear in its roots, is simple: Hulk picks a team. The Hulk is confronted by Grandmaster who explains that the Hulk can win back his lost love, Jarella, if he wins a battle. Hulk is then allowed to select his team. The Grandmaster helps him pluck his teammates out of various points in time. The idea being that the teammates are removed at a time when they lost the love’s of their lives and, therefore, is suffering from heartache. The heartache should help them rage through the contest towards victory.

Basically this issue is about the Hulk picking his team. It uses some humor and some straightforward, good old fashioned confusion to introduce the characters to each other with some of them coming from points in time when they hadn’t even met the Hulk yet. Its light on the action but it sprinkles in a little fighting here and there. This issue sets up the battle between the teams.

The evaluation of this issue is to explain what it is not. It’s not Planet Hulk or World War Hulk. We won’t be getting answers about red Hulk or why Hulk is a moron again. The issue carries the extra dollar price tag because it’s a high selling book. That increased price tag doesn’t mean it’s a better story or is padded with extras. The comic is simply trying to tell a fun story. If you try to figure out how it all fits or you find yourself asking questions then you will be disappointed.

The artwork is tremendous. The story caters towards the art. Hulk finds his teammates all over the place which helps the art show off a little bit in terms of scenes and characters.

The issue was fun but didn’t dive at all into the reasons behind the Grandmaster’s plans and left too much of the Hulk’s reasoning out of his selections. There could have been a little more action as well but I did enjoy the humor in the issue. As a side note, any particular reason why Hulk has a nickname for everyone in the issue except Namor? This is a simple story that you get for your $4. If you have room in your budget you may like the easy humor and storytelling techniques between these covers.

3.5 out of 5 geek goggles

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