Howling at the Moon

by Norman Robinson III

132904_83a2888fffa1e124f55731e1127cc3c973736cae-201x300 Howling at the MoonMoon Knight has always been a fun almost laughable character, with some surprisingly good writing sporadically. Bill Sienkiewicz was the primary guy that did pencils for Moon Knight #1. Moon Knight is jokingly called Marvel’s ripoff version of Batman, ouch. I don’t think he quite deserves the comparison. Personally, I always thought he was kinda tweaked like maybe The Shadow or Gargoyle. It never even occurred to me that he was a Batman ripoff. I think it is more likely given his origin that editors Marv Wolfman and Len Wein just simply liked the character. Originally Doug Moench created the character as a villain to hunt the hero of Werewolf by Night #32 (1975). Tre-cool? Yeah, I like his beginning. They even fashioned his villain appearance as a cover to infiltrate a fell group called the Committee. (What committee isn’t fell?) Whether he is a cool character or not, do we short this lunar lunatic and sell Moon Knight #1?

Moon Knight #1

This crazy moon worshiper has a way of growing on you. Moon Knight #1 was the first appearance of characters: Bushman and Konshu. Additionally, it is also Moon Knight’s origin story. It was drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz and Sal Buscema with the script by Doug Moench. The most recent sales for September are: (9.8) grade for $175 (eBay) and (9.0) grade for $44.99 (eBay). This last year has had some really awful lunar cycles of profit loss: grade (9.4) negative -14% ROI, grade (9.2) negative -11.8% ROI, grade (9.0) negative -2.1% ROI, and the double whammy of grade (8.5) dropping a devasting negative -47.4% ROI. That (8.0) grade is probably the most common which is not good for you Moonies. Furthermore, these dropping values are all within 2018 sales year. This shows a clear decline in price during 2018. Anecdotally, my local retail comic shop was selling one for twenty bucks the other day.

By the way, did you check out the cover for Moon Knight #1? This guy is the Ron Burgundy of superheroes. An international man of mystery, macho soldier, shady thug, and debonaire hip grabbing playboy just like Ron. He even has the gross 1970’s style chesthair! Another knock on Moon Knight #1 is the startlingly high number of books at CGC, with 1727 total CGC Census. By way of comparison, the Punisher #1 ongoing series has almost the same number of CGC Census with 1996 books outstanding. But that makes sense, as Punisher is popular with almost everyone. Moon Knight is too obscure to have the same number of CGC Census books as Punisher (c’mon it is the Punisher). This obscure Marvel character has finally shot the moon. But is this full moon turning into a financial eclipse? Now let’s be honest no one but the Moonies have even heard of Moon Knight outside Marvel Comics.

Werewolf by Night #32

If you love Moon Knight and must be a Moonie; the only real alternative is to buy the first appearance of this character in Werewolf by Night #32. The best return for this comic is grade (9.6) for a positive +52.5% return on investment. The most recent sale was on Comic Link for $7655 during May 2018. This mint grade seems to be holding its own. Don’t worry you can afford another car payment for the privilege of owning the first Moon Knight, right? I just pray to Konshu that you don’t wind up howling at the moon and diverging into split personalities like your white knight from this purchase.



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